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My name is Jon Negroni and I’m a writer of books, pop culture theories, and entertainment reviews. I also make YouTube videos sometimes and host a weekly podcast called Cinemaholics, which has since grown into a media platform with written content as well.

I started this blog in 2012 to write about all the things I care about. Naturally, I gravitated toward some of my biggest passions: film and entertainment. These days, I primarily write about animation and Pixar, though with the occasional curve-luxo-ball here and there. I also write books.

My latest book is Killerjoy, a fantasy adventure novel that combines everything I love about superheroes and comic books with traditional high fantasy. My first book was The Pixar Theory, based on the viral blog post I wrote here in 2013. It recently went out of print and is being republished into a bigger and better version that is coming soon.

On this site, you’ll find a huge variety of posts to read. I always try to search for the hidden meanings behind the best (and even the worst) stories. I get a thrill out of exploring incredible fan theories, tackling the worst articles of the Internet, and more. There’s plenty of nonsense, but hopefully some insight here and there.

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  1. This is a pretty minor comment considering the scope of your Pixar theory, but I feel the need to point it out anyway: Though you repeatedly emphasize that the postcard from Ellie and Carl on Andy’s wall suggests that Ellie was still alive during the time of Toy Story, I completely disagree. In fact, I think it’s more likely that Ellie is already dead at this point, and that Andy is keeping the postcard as a sort of memento after her death. The mere fact that Andy has chosen to hang the postcard on his wall rather than having it on a desk or somewhere in the mess of his bedroom clearly suggests to me that the postcard has been elevated to keepsake status, most likely due to her death (as Priscila before me commented, Ellie might have been an aunt or cousin or something of Andy’s, hence his possession of the card in the first place).
    This just occurred to me as I was reading; I have yet to ponder the implications of Toy Story 3 occurring after Up chronologically (though this wouldn’t even necessarily have to be so). Obviously, I could be completely wrong; I just thought it might be an interesting detail to ponder. I love the theory, by the way.

    • Though this in no way impacts the “Pixar Theory”, I do not think the postcard is evidence enough to determine the placement of Toy Story 3 and Up. However there is evidence that they are around the time of the BnL take over; Buzz has BnL batteries. I also am wondering if anyone can explain this to me: if the tree planted after the return of the Axiom is in fact the very same one appearing in a Bug’s Life, how can it exist in Up, before WALL-E?

      • Just because it’s a big tree doesn’t mean every tree in Pixar ever is the same tree

  2. In the pixar detective, it states in chapter 2 that Mary wants to leave San Francisco In the summer. But it also states in the pixar detective, there was a map of Australia in her class room, she knows tons about Australia, and she wants to move to the Great Barrier Reef. Is it set in Australia or not? This would help for setting visualisation and character vocalisation, (especially since I’m Australian myself.) Thanks

    • Thanks for your input Harry! The class they’re in is Geography, which is why a map of Australia is on the wall. Sorry if that was unclear! The characters live in San Francisco, 100%

      • I found this so interesting! This led me to keep looking at these so called “easter egg.” I saw a picture of Luigi from Cars driving by the window outside the dentist in Finding Nemo. I am wondering how that is possible according to this theory, which by the way im completly obsessed about.

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    • the Pixar theory is impossible because In Toy Story 2, Mrs. Potato Head can be seen reading from a storybook of A Bug’s Life. it says in the Pixar theory that bugs life happened after wall E BUT TOY STORY IS HUNDREDS of years before wall e

      • Dude, the entirety of the theory is based on time-travel. Plus, those could just be ants. Regular, non-Bug’s Life ants.

  4. Hi Jon! Nice bio. and a wonderful site. First of all, thank you for visiting my site the other day. I really appreciate the support. Secondly, I have a friend, a 22-year-old young lady who is an artist and has a website on which she displays some of it.

    If I’m not imposing, would you like the address to the site so you can look the work over? I know she has a desire to work for Pixar…

    Just let me know what you think. Sincerely, there is no pressure to do anything here!

    Thanks again,
    Steve Pejay

  5. I agree poor Andy would love to have a Dad. Mom needs some companionship too – with some fresh Ray-O-Vac batteries Buss Lightyear could take her to infinity and Beyond…

  6. Hi! I enjoyed your theory on Pixar it is a very unique and entertaining story. I’m only 14 so some of this stuff is hard for me to get my head around. Although, I do agree with your theory, the one thing I don’t get is why boo got older as she went back in time.


    • Bailey, Boo didn’t age faster because of the time travel she has simply spent so much of her life trying to find sully and learning magic that she is just old by now. I hope this answers your question.

  7. I would just like to offer up a theory of my own…I think Pixar is building up to one last movie called Boo’s Travels. This movie will document Boo’s travels through time and it will also explain how each Easter egg got to each movie and why. Just my thoughts….

    • That’s an interesting idea, Christian. Unfortunately, from my experience writing stories that are secretly all in a single coherent timeline, the Boo’s Travels movie is probably unlikely. Plus it would mean no more Pixar movies, and then we’d all be sad. (You can tell I write a lot because of that incredibly structured sentence, I say sarcastically.) But, it is Pixar, so you never know. Anything is possible, everything is a metaphor, and there’s a supermassive blackhole at the center of our own galaxy. How strange, and how spectacular, it is to be anything at all…

      Sincerely yours,
      The Anonymous User

  8. Jon i have new evidence to show im not sure if you noticed but at the end of cars they show 3 cars typed movies named “Toy Car Story” i mean how would they even know that and that’s not even it they also show “Monster Trucks Inc.” and a “A Bug’s Life” (i have no idea why they named it that ) so i understand if somehow they have like an idenic memory for toy story thing but since a bug’s life and monster inc. are way in the future this makes no sense. take it to thought thanks(:

    • I’m no expert, but I don’t think that was meant to actually be part of the film’s plot. It was just a credits-joke, like all the “gag-reels” after A Bug’s Life. It’s like, if anyone can remember this, in the 2009 Electric Company (awesome PBS show), the kids can produce blue orbs from their palms filled with tossable text they call, “wordballs.” They can shape the wordballs to be different sizes the same way you would with a hologram-glove-machine-thingy. In the outtakes for one of the episodes (they would always play the bloopers during the credits), Hector, one of the kids, messed up the shot and the director yelled but Hector put the wordball in his mouth and ate it, after resizing it to be small enough. Now, this doesn’t make it canon that wordballs are edible or things to be put in ones mouth; it was just a joke the SFX team put in there to make the viewers laugh. The Bug’s Life credit-bloopers and Cars credit-movies were just the same: an uncanonical joke made by the animators to make you smile.

      Sincerely yours,
      The Anonymous User

  9. hey jon is there a connection between tarzan and the lion king

  10. What about the metal door in Monsters Inc???
    Kinda throws of the whole theory.

  11. Jon, I have been following Moviepilot Animation on Facebook for a few months now, and have constantly seen them post your articles about movies in general and specifically Pixar 🙂 I only today have discovered your site and I have to tell you that I have been browsing and reading it for the past 2 hours! I am fascinated with The Pixar Theory and some of the other posts such as about Andy’s mom and dad, and as you have said, they are actually blowing my mind! I consider myself quite the movie buff and thoroughly enjoy all your posts about movies. I have saved your book The Pixar Detective to begin reading shortly 🙂 I wanted to let you know how much of an impact you are making and applaud you on your dedication to the subjects. Thank you very much for adding the the wonderful world of movies that I love!
    Nikita K.

    • Haha, wow it’s not usual for people to find my work on Moviepilot first! Thanks for taking the time to read my crazy ideas. I hope I keep putting out more cool ideas for you guys 🙂

  12. Thanks for following me! I look forward to reading more of your blog! But for now I have to go get the kid off of the bus. 🙂

  13. Pretty cool site
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  14. Hello. I’m not sure if you have addressed the subject already but I wanted to ask just in case. Regarding the Pixar Theory, how would the How to Train Your Dragon movies fit in? Personally I think they would fit in a slot a few hundred years after (or possibly closer to) Brave. This would give the animals a bit of time to develop into more “pet like” creatures, like Toothless and the other dragons by the end of the first movie. And it could also help to explain why animals may also be dependent on humans for companionship. My other thought is that the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless or any of the other riders and their dragons, could help point out that not all human-animal interactions in this universe are bad. Boo is clearly attached to Sully in Monsters inc. Just as Hiccup could be with Toothless. These are just a few of my thoughts, so feel free to disagree or add to them as you please. I hope you will address this topic in a future post, or if you have already, please email me the link to the post that does address this. Thank you and have a nice day.

  15. Hi Jon, please I have some material interesting for you… please contact me.

  16. I found a picture on a social media site of a scene in the first Toy Story movie where Flick and Hemilich were on a branch just infront of buzz. The image of the two insects was a little bit blurry but buzz (who was larger than normal because it was a close up) was clear. This might be photoshop but the time of Toy Story comes ways before the time of A Bug’s Life on The Pixar Theory’s time line.

  17. People have so many questions about toy story; because I wrote it! Emily was my cabbage patch kid! My father was not divorced to my mother! he was well respected, and provided for our family. Just not the best dad in certain avenues. My name is Shannon Kinnear. I am the writer of the original Toy Story.

  18. Hi, I just read your article about the new Annie movie. I agree with it completely, and I found another plot hole. In the beginning of the movie Annie clearly reads the note from her real parents to the rest of her foster mates. Next at the middle to end of the movie she states that she cannot read to Will Stacks after she does an “amazing performance”. Thank you for taking your time to read this comment.

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