The Ghostbusters Episode

ghostbusters review

It’s time for a brand new podcast episode of Now Conspiring, and all sorts of things happened. We reviewed Ghostbusters, obviously, but we also found time to chat about some of the big movie news of the week.

Wondering what the deal is with those new Power Rangers posters? Confounded at the popularity of the gentleman’s smartphone game, Pokémon GO? Well, it’s time to conspire by listening to our conspiring.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK (and you’re required to answer this): If you could choose ONE film franchise to never be rebooted (or rebooted again), which would you choose?

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00:00:00 – Sam doesn’t listen to Now Conspiring.

00:01:51 – Sam hates Pokémon GO.

00:07:06 – Sam likes the new Power Rangers character posters.

00:09:30 – Sam finds out which Ilvermorny house he belongs to, along with Hogwarts, sort of.

00:18:07 – Sam tunes us out while we talk about the new Rogue One, A Star Wars Story footage.

00:27:06 – Sam joins our Spoiler-Free Review: Ghostbusters

00:50:37 – Sam kicks off our SPOILER TALK: Ghostbusters

01:14:07 – Sam makes snide comments about what’s opening in theaters this Friday.

This week’s cast:

Jon NegroniKayla SavageAdonis Gonzalez, and Sam Noland.

10 thoughts on “The Ghostbusters Episode

  1. Best show notes ever.

    I liked the new ghostbusters ok and am a fan of Spy as well. What I’m not a fan of is whatever the heck was going on with Slimer in this movie.

  2. Read my lips: No. More. Hitman.

  3. First: I’m actually a Horned Serpent. The fact that Jon and Kayla were so certain about that is kinda freaky

    Second: Loving the show notes. I still have those screenshots of Sam from a few weeks ago and now feel obligated to share them.

    Third: As far as reboots go there isn’t any show, franchise, or movie I would like to see not rebooted, because sometimes reboots aren’t awful. But there is one reboot I would like to reverse and that is Teen Titans Go.

  4. Very impressive show notes, Mr. Negroni. And Bridget, I’ll have you know that those screenshots are now outdated, as I have much shorter hair now, so I am invincible to you ‘sharing’ them.

  5. I would choose The Lord of the Rings to never be rebooted. What Peter Jackson did was unparalleled, and cannot be parraleled. That trilogy is so classic, it cannot be beat.

  6. Spider-Man, at least for another few decades.

  7. I agree with Trevor. Spiderman should not be rebooted again. I personally prefer The Amazing Spiderman to the original trilogy, but we might not be so lucky if it’s redone again.

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