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Welcome to No More Questions, where I ask the actors you know and love everything you want to know and love…

This week, let’s give a big round of Internet applause to sometimes-celebrated actor, Gerard Butler!

*Note: No More Questions is satire. It does not reflect the actual views of Gerard Butler, Jon Negroni, or anyone else mentioned in this interview. Some of the content in this interview comes from actual quotes by Gerard Butler in 2016. Seriously. 

JN: Can I call you Gerry? 

GB: No.

JN: Gerry, your new film, Gods of Egypt, premieres this Friday — or Thursday depending on how optimistic you are about people seeing it. Are you happy you made this movie? 

GB: Yeah.

JN: Really? There’s been some controversy…

GB: Well, I just want to point out—

JN: —surrounding your surfing incident in 2012.

GB: Oh, that. Well, I’m clean now, so…

JN: And we’re all happy about that. Do you think it affected the quality of Chasing Mavericks overall?

GB: You…you saw Chasing Mavericks?

JN: Next question. People are saying that it’s odd for you to be playing an Egyptian God thing considering your non-Egyptian likeness. 

GB: Well, Gods of Egypt is mythology. Not historical fiction.

JN: Please, Gerry, we all know what this is about. How long has this feud between you and Joel Edgerton been going on?

GB: I just don’t understand why he gets a pass for playing Ramses. He’s Australian, which is way farther from Egypt than Scotland.

JN: Well, he did also make The Gift, so I think we like him again. What would you say was your biggest accomplishment of 2015? Besides the DVD sales of How to Train Your Dragon 2.

GB: I spent most of 2015 filming a few new movies that are coming out this year.

JN: That’s right. London is Falling Down comes out next month. 

GB: No, it’s London Has Fallen.

JN: How did you react when Brenda Song from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was cast as your love interest? 

GB: Confused, but they changed it so…

JN: Do you blame yourself for Gamer

GB: No, I blame Ludacris. Can I talk about Gods of Egypt now?

JN: Is that what you really want. 

GB: You just phrased that question like a statement.

JN: This. Is. A question. 

GB: Gods of Egypt is about characters, you know? And this amazing journey they go on together. One’s a mortal and one’s an immortal—

JN: That’s great and no one cares, but just let me know right now, Gerry. Sequel plans for Phantom of the Opera

GB: …they learn what life is about and what they can learn from each other. And since you brought it up, it’s akin to the relationship between the Phantom and Christine.

JN: You’re Christine in this case? 

GB: No, that would be Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

JN: Eh? 

GB: Sorry, the Game of Thrones guy. Anyway, it’s fun to be the villain in Gods of Egypt. I get to be such a  badass again.

JN: He reminds me of your character from The Ugly Truth. Wow, how many movies have you done, Gerry? 

GB: Just call me Mr. Butler. And I stopped keeping count in 2006.

JN: Would you say that your character in Gods of Egypt is a personified weapon?

GB: Yes! Exactly, that’s exactly right!

JN: Ha, well then I just won a bet. Hey Adonis, get over here. 

AG: What’s up.

JN: I was right the other day when I said Gerard Butler thinks of his character in Gods of Egypt as a weapon personified.

AG: Is that him over there?

JN: Yeah.

AG: Why does he look so angry?

JN: We were just talking about…

AG: …The Ugly Truth?

(laugh in agreement)

GB: Can I talk about my character, Set, again?

JN: Wait, his name is “Set?”

GB: Yeah, he’s the god of darkness.

JN: And film studio sets? 

AG: No, Jon. He’s clearly the god of volleyball.

JN: Then he would be the god of matches, DONIS. 

GB: He’s the god of darkness!

JN: Seth is? 

GB: No, it’s Set.

JN: But Seth. 

GB: Fine, his name is Seth. Now, his best aspect is how—

JN: This is a real character? Seth, I mean. 

GB: Yes, based on real Egyptian mythology.

AG: That’s offensive to Egyptians.

GB: What, the fact that this movie set in Africa stars two white guys?

AG: No, calling him Seth.

GB: Fine, whatever. Set or “Seth” is the god of storms, the desert, and overall disorder.

JN: Earlier, you said darkness. 

GB: It’s an array of things.

JN: (whispers to Adonis) more like the god of confusion. 

GB: Anyway, Set is just a bad dude and longtime rival of Horus, god of the sky.

JN: He’s the bad guy in the movie? 

GB: No, I am.

JN: Aw, but you’re so sweet. 

GB: (coughs) Well, uh, thank you. Horus is represented by a falcon, and they nail that aesthetic with…with uh…

JN: Game of Thrones guy? 

GB: Yes, thank you.

JN: Is there any…(laughs)…room for romance between your characters? 

GB: What? No! Set—

JN: —Seth

GB: Seth is a dangerous and powerful ruler! He doesn’t love anyone!

JN: (leans over to Adonis) Formulaic. 

AG: I know right.

GB: What makes him unique is the sadness I bring to the character, because he’s very tragic.

JN: So Law Abiding Citizen meets 300

GB: Well…um…I guess.

AG: I’d see that.

JN: Mr. Butler, thank you so much for coming on No More Questions. Can’t wait to have you back for London is Falling Around.

GB: I can.

Gods of Egypt is set to release worldwide on February 26, 2016.

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