The Pixar Detective, Chapter 13: “The Babysitters”

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Pixar Detective, a serial novel I put together based on the Pixar Theory. The following is a fictional story that explains the theory that all of the Pixar movies are connected and exist within the same universe, using original characters and artwork. The story answers a lot of questions you may have about this theory, but through its own ongoing narrative.

The story originally launched in April, and since then we’ve finished Part 1 and Part 2!

Both are available as iBooks on iTunes, which you can check out here. If you can’t use iBooks, can also download the PDF versions:

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Once you’re finished, check back to our Table of Contents, where we’ll be continuing the story through Part 3. A new chapter is released every two weeks on Tuesdays. And please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments for us to read through. Enjoy!

pixar detective chapter 13

Previously on the Pixar Detective!

Still searching for their missing friend, Mary, Stevin and the gang now find themselves in Australia during the year 2001. They’re searching for the future version of Mr. Sumner, the monster they found in the 1930s,  who can hopefully point them to their missing friend.

Meanwhile, a “Hero” named Logan has teamed up with students from Pixar University to initiate a 2319 — an invasion of the monster world — in order to stop the monsters from strategically abducting children.


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Thanks for reading! What did you think of Chapter 13?

48 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective, Chapter 13: “The Babysitters”

  1. Two things: As I try to work catching up between textbooks and homework, I find Chap 8, The Hexagon, when selected, takes me back to Chap 7. Just tried to find 12, but the list is at 11 and this message is at Chap 13. What have I missed? Great concept and story so far. Thanks for your help!

  2. I cant believe Steven’s dad knew about Mary all along. This I was not expecting. I cant wait for more. Aaaaaahhhhh, is it two more weeks yet??? lol

    • One of the challenges with this was committing to the idea of Mary being from California originally. In Monster’s Inc., her Scare Profile shows that she is Hispanic, but she speaks English (Kitty!). And of course, we know that most Pixar films take place in California, and I’ve followed suit by acknowledging that the novel starts in San Francisco.

  3. Hm… Pixar University. I wonder what that’s a reference to…?

    Click the name. I’m desperate.

  4. I LOVE IT! I have a lot of questions that I might not get answers to. Those plot twists made me wonder.
    Based on what I saw and inferred, I think Mr. Sumner could be the one kidnapping Mary and that Sadie could be in charge of the staging the animal uprising against BnL.

    PS, in the last chapter, Sadie swam out of the boat leaving Stevin behind, but here, Sadie is right there with Stevin as if he caught up to her.

    • Haha, there’s a skip in time. As Willem points out, Sadie’s “pack mentality” prevents her from wanting to abandon Stevin and Wallaby. She’ll stick with them for now. When she jumped off of the boat, that was just her impatience coming through.

      • And about my predictions?

        • Well I’m not just going to spoil it! You’ll find out if you’re right soon enough…

  5. once again this was amazing, although i gt a little mad at the end when i realized there was no more. i cant wait for two weeks! i wanna know if thhe babysitters are gonna get along with the team or not. and wow stevins dad was actually also in the know about this whole monster thing

    • I guess everyone wanting “more” is a good sign! Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

  6. Stevin, Wallaby, Sumner and Sadie will meet Logan, Cara and his team?

    • [Spoilers]

      To clarify, Stevin and his group meet Cara and her group at the end of this chapter. When you said “his,” were you referring to Cara?

  7. What happened to Alec Azam?

    • At the end of Chapter 10, he stayed behind in 1935 to hold off Willem at the Hexagon. They used The Maestro’s “Dominion” sample to turn him into a rabbit. What’s important to remember is that this version of Alec is from 2014, and now he’s stuck in 1935.

      In Chapter 11, we flash forward to 2001, and the younger version of Alec meets Cara. Note that this is years before he travels with Stevin to 1935 and gets transformed.

      • “Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff” Doctor Who
        PS, will a future chapter be involving a concept where Stevin and Wallaby meet 2001 Alec Azam. That will be interesting.

  8. Start a 2319? I thought they were against it!
    PS, I know where 2319 comes from

    • I’m sure you do! And don’t forget the plan for the 2319 that was detailed in Chapter 11.

  9. Frozone is possible that is a descendant of the Queen of Elsa Arendelle?

    • The Pixar Universe and the Disney Universes (I am saying that because I think some movies are in different timelines, while others are in similar, like Frozen, Tangled, and Little Mermaid) are currently separated at the moment. That is my prediction, I think Jon Negroni would know the answer…

    • Doubt it. Frozone = Pixar. Elsa = Disney. To merge the two would make no sense, conceptually. The Incredibles is an original Pixar creation. Queen Elsa is a Disney-fueled derivative of classic literature (The Snow Queen).

      • I am right. Pixar’s and Disney’s universes are completely separated from each other and combining the two would create major problems.

      • But as the universes are separated if Merida is an official Disney Princess ?

        • Yeah, but that’s about marketing and merchandising. It has nothing to do with the actual movies.

          • But there are many references in the disney pixar movies like Nemo Brother Bear , A 113 and some in Once Upon a Time .

            • A113 isn’t strictly Pixar. Animators in many different studios use that easter egg because it marks a famous classroom used at CalArts. Once Upon a Time has never referenced Pixar in my experience with the show, and even if it did, that would just be Disney extrapolating from a property they own. Same with the image of Nemo in Brother Bear (I presume you’re talking about when they catch the fish). If Finding Nemo referenced Brother Bear instead of the other way around, then I would say you have a point.

              • But is Bo Peep in Toy Story and Once Upon a Time . How is this possible ?

                • “Little Bo Peep” is first and foremost based on a nursery rhyme. So I wouldn’t overthink her connection in these different movies. Unless Once Upon a Time decided to do a toy version of Bo Peep that comes alive.

  10. Sadie’s past will be revealed?
    Cara and Logan are great-granddaughters Sadie somehow


    • You’ll have to keep reading to find out, though I’ve left a few clues to help out!

  11. Okay, I was wondering about a reference you said would be hard to get from a few chapters ago (maybe the first chapter of the second part of the Pixar Detective). What was it? I thought I got all of the references that were made, but maybe I just need to start that chapter over if you don’t tell me 😉

    Anyway, I did notice the Catmull museum. I believe that may be a reference to Ed Catmull, current President of Pixar. That’s a reference I don’t think many will get, unless I didn’t read the previous comments closely enough.

    Anyway, good chapter!

    • Haha, someone did get the sneaky reference from a few chapters back. It was that Renata, the character introduced in Chapter 11, is someone we know from a certain Pixar film…

      And yes, the Catmull thing is easy for some, hard for others who aren’t as much interested in the people who actually make Pixar happen. It was overdue to reference Ed Catmull here since he’s one of my role models.

      • Ohh… I did get that one. I thought there might’ve been an even sneakier reference hidden in there.
        Maybe there will be an even harder reference in the next chapter?

        • There might be one or two other references I’m blanking on. I sometimes sprinkle a few in that I expect no one to catch!

  12. There will be a third party ?

          • Ummm, there will be three parts? How did that happen? I still have questions that will last way longer than three parts!

            • Right. We’re in Part 2 right now, and I planned the story out over three parts total.

              • I think that I may need to continue the story if I still have questions, but with new characters…I don’t know if I should yet…

  13. Where is chapter 14. I can’t find it! Heeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeee! !!!!!!!!!!!!

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