The Pixar Detective: Table of Contents

Pixar Detective table of contents

Welcome to The Pixar Detective! This is a serial novel that tells a new story within the background of the Pixar movies.

Part 1 and Part 2 are now e-books with all of their chapters in one place. If you’re using a Mac or iPad, you can view and download both of them on the iTunes store by clicking here.

If you’re using something else, you can download the PDF versions with any device you want (they still look pretty cool, thankfully). Just click the images below to get started!

Part 1: Chapters 1-10 

part 1 pixar detective

Part 2: Chapters 11-20

The Pixar Detective Part 2

 Chapter 21: Hidden Wonders

chapter 21 pixar detective

Chapter 22: The Unforgivables

pixar detective chapter 22

Chapter 23: And Beyond

pixar detective chapter 23

Chapter 24: Anyone Can’t Cook

chapter 24 pixar detective

Chapter 25: Torn by Pride

chapter 25 pixar detective

Chapter 26: Nomanisan

pixar detective chapter 26

Chapter 27: The Wilderness Explorer

pixar detective chapter 27

Chapter 28: The Magic Words

pixar detective chapter 28

Chapter 29: The Woodcarver

chapter 29 pixar


Chapter 30: Detective Parker

chapter 30 pixar detective

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93 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Table of Contents

  1. I’m thinking about reading this. Just tell me, when does this take place? In between what movies?
    Also, what Pixar characters appear?

    • It takes place all over time, and in all of the movies. Lightning McQueen, Lotso, a Jessie doll (not *the* Jessie doll), the Amazing Presto and Alec Azam, and Boo and the witch appear.

  2. I’m sort of uncomfortable with the illustrations of Alec Azam, but besides that, it’s really good, at least what I’ve read so far (aka part one). Anybody who really knows Pixar knows who Mary is… Great twist!

  3. Okay, so, now I finished the book so I can say more about the book. This is my “review”. Major spoilers, so…

    Okay, so this story was an overall great way to incorporate the Pixar Theory into something people will actually understand well. The characters were exceptionally well made except for maybe Alec Azam, I find him unsettling. I enjoyed the pleasant plot twist scattered around, such as Logan being Daisy (Lotso’s owner), Alec being the bunny, and especially the one about Randall. Lots of characters are named after characters from the movies, so at first I thought Randall was simply this antagonist’s namesake, but voila, as it turns out it was Randall in disguise. Some were unnecessary though, such as the Tank Gang being the fish from Nemo’s Tank.
    A weird thing I want to point out is that I was left unsatisfied. Why was Lightning McQueen arrested? What happens to Lotso after the lava incident?
    I rate it a 6/10. Worth reading.

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