The Pixar Detective: Table of Contents

Pixar Detective table of contents

Welcome to The Pixar Detective! This is a serial novel that tells a new story within the background of the Pixar movies.

Part 1 and Part 2 are now e-books with all of their chapters in one place. If you’re using a Mac or iPad, you can view and download both of them on the iTunes store by clicking here.

If you’re using something else, you can download the PDF versions with any device you want (they still look pretty cool, thankfully). Just click the images below to get started!

Part 1: Chapters 1-10 

part 1 pixar detective

Part 2: Chapters 11-20

The Pixar Detective Part 2

 Chapter 21: Hidden Wonders

chapter 21 pixar detective

Chapter 22: The Unforgivables

pixar detective chapter 22

Chapter 23: And Beyond

pixar detective chapter 23

Chapter 24: Anyone Can’t Cook

chapter 24 pixar detective

Chapter 25: Torn by Pride

chapter 25 pixar detective

Chapter 26: Nomanisan

pixar detective chapter 26

Chapter 27: The Wilderness Explorer

pixar detective chapter 27

Chapter 28: The Magic Words

pixar detective chapter 28

Chapter 29: The Woodcarver

chapter 29 pixar


Chapter 30: Detective Parker

chapter 30 pixar detective

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93 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Table of Contents

    • I don’t know, and I’m going nuts over it!!!!
      I need the ending!!!

  1. It’s the Final Countdown! The Pixar Detective is Ending in June 14th, and what happened is so shocking, that it can’t be talked about in words!

  2. Wow. Clever easter eggs. A113. The Jessie doll, Pixar ball, and Pixar lamp in chapter 2 are nice touches.

  3. So great! Wish I could Art like Kayla Savage!

    • Is Alec Azam based off of the Doctor from Doctor Who?

      • I had the exact same thought! I’m glad I’m not the only one

  4. Are there still no Part 3 PDF?

  5. Maybe this is low on your priority list, but I’ve been waiting for a complete Pixar Detective e-book so that I don’t have to download 12 different documents. Are you still planning to put it all together into one document, or have you decided it’s not worth the trouble?

    • Hi, Michelle. Yes, a full e-book is on the way. It’s taking a while because a lot of the content is being rewritten, edited, and polished. I’ll have it out as soon as possible, so I recommend checking back sometime in late January.

  6. I’m already at chapter 10, and THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has emotion. It has action. It has mystery. It has cliffhangers. OH does it have cliffhangers. I love cliffhangers, because they give you all the more reason to continue reading. I applaud you sir. I give you all the applause.

    My reaction to picture of Mr. Sumner in bag: DAAAAAAAAAW!!! He’s so cute! He’s a little puffball! Daww! He’s such a cute little ball o’ puff! DAAW!!!

  7. O_O

    THIS NEEDS A SEQUAL!!!!!!!!!! Are they gonna see dinosaurs? Are they gonna see Arlo and Spot? How can Sadie turn other people into animals or the other way around? Are we gonna see emotions? Are we gonna see Riley? Is Riley a hidden wonder? Are we gonna see Nemo and Dory? What happened to Kevin/Russell? Are we gonna see Paradise Falls? Are they gonna meet WALL-E and EVE? Are they gonna see Randall again? Are we gonna find the other toys from the Toy Story movies? Are we gonna see Mike and Sulley?

    I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A sequel would be awesome……..I mean………..if you really want to that is……………………………

    • I have two spinoffs regarding the Pixar Detective. One features new characters on a storyline which could answer some questions I have on the serial novel. The other stars two characters I don’t know if it could answer every single question, but I’ll do my best to answer some of them.

      • (Continuation because I posted before I could add on and didn’t realize until after posting) (Between “The other” and “I don’t know”)

        The other stars two characters who hadn’t been seen that much after Part 2 but have been keen on discovering what’s next. (Cara and Logan Parr)

  8. (SPOILERS AHEAD: basically, this story is good; read it)

    Holy crap did I enjoy this! It took me a long time to finish, and I am proud to say that I finally had. I really love the Pixar Theory and the way it combines my childhood favorites into one timeline, but this story really helps bring them together really well. There were some confusing scenes, and this book seems more of the school-kids kind of book, but it’s all ‘n’ all not really that bad. The characters are characters and utterly enjoyable, most of the mysteries had me hook, with the exception of the Mary=Witch thing that I saw from a mile away, but I still enjoyed everything else.

    I got to read this again sometime, and hopefully one day I can start a reading club, and read with my little brother, and all that fun stuff, because holy crap this is one of the few good fics that’s not FiM and I can share it! Thank you, your journey was just like a Pixar movie; well thought out, with a wonderful way of expanding your imagination all the more.

    -All My Best,

  9. It’s a pretty good book. Definitely does a good job of keeping me interested. I haven’t finished yet. The writing is not amazing but like I said it keeps my attention.

  10. Awesome story! I love it! You sir (is it ok if I call you sir?), have aced this story and all things Pixar from the beginning to end! Any plans for a sequel?

  11. Will this story ever be available as a book in any format?

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