The Pixar Detective: Table of Contents

Pixar Detective table of contents

Welcome to The Pixar Detective! This is a serial novel that tells a new story within the background of the Pixar movies.

Part 1 and Part 2 are now e-books with all of their chapters in one place. If you’re using a Mac or iPad, you can view and download both of them on the iTunes store by clicking here.

If you’re using something else, you can download the PDF versions with any device you want (they still look pretty cool, thankfully). Just click the images below to get started!

Part 1: Chapters 1-10 

part 1 pixar detective

Part 2: Chapters 11-20

The Pixar Detective Part 2

 Chapter 21: Hidden Wonders

chapter 21 pixar detective

Chapter 22: The Unforgivables

pixar detective chapter 22

Chapter 23: And Beyond

pixar detective chapter 23

Chapter 24: Anyone Can’t Cook

chapter 24 pixar detective

Chapter 25: Torn by Pride

chapter 25 pixar detective

Chapter 26: Nomanisan

pixar detective chapter 26

Chapter 27: The Wilderness Explorer

pixar detective chapter 27

Chapter 28: The Magic Words

pixar detective chapter 28

Chapter 29: The Woodcarver

chapter 29 pixar


Chapter 30: Detective Parker

chapter 30 pixar detective

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93 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Table of Contents

  1. Hola yo soy de argentina y adoro esto lo descargo todo el tiempo y te doy la recomendación de compartirlo con mas gente se que a mis amigos les gustara así que yo digo ( si usted quiere ) que podría crearse una cuenta en wattpad ( que también se pueden leer libros gratuitos ) y escriba el libro devuelta se que a ellos les va a gustar.

  2. I hope you release the entire Chapter 2 some time soon. When are you going to release it?

    • We don’t have an exact date yet. I’ve been working tirelessly to beef up the chapters, including more backstory and descriptions, even flashbacks! It’s going to be so different, I’m considering releasing it in place of what already exists. Oh, and of course, Kayla is hard at work on new sketches! It’ll for sure be here before March, though.

      • OK I was asking because I wanted an appropriate date to set up a Wattpad account where my Pixar Detective Spinoff will take place, along with another idea I could be working on.

        PS. I am looking forward to the release of Part 2, with new scenes and better explanations.

  3. Congratulations on your TWO Million Downloads in your Pixar Detective! This is a time of celebration.

  4. I predict Predict Part 2 will come out on the week of February 16

  5. I am making a Wattpad account tonight or tomorrow morning. I will show it tomorrow.

  6. I am also checking your website every hour until the complete Part 2 comes out.

  7. Wow!!!

    Well, I accidentally discovered this site on the 19th of Feb and I have been reading your amazing book every chance I got between work and other duties and today I read the last words of Part 2, Chapter 20.

    I just got to say WELL DONE on an past awesome intriguing story that I’m sure is going to be the cause of me never being able to watch another Pixar Movie without thing about you and your book….

    I cant wait for Part 3!!!

    Kindest regards


  8. I came upon this website a while ago when I heard about the Pixar Theory, and now that I have time, I’m catching up on the Pixar Detective, and it is so awesome and amazing! I love this site and everything in it. I can’t wait for the conclusion of this epic story.

  9. Hey! So I found this site looking up my favorite Pixar theory…and I have been enjoying your story. I’ve finished part 1 and would like to comment on it. (While my cat claims my laptop…sheesh.)

    SPOILERS for anyone not yet done with part 1

    Anyway…the bginning and end third or so of the section were pretty solid…but the middle part seemed to be pretty muddled. It took a bit of re-reading to get an idea what was going on. You introduced a LOT of new characters and situations in a very small amount of time instead of letting us get to know a few here and a few there.

    But aside from that and a bit of shaky grammar (a vocabulary word comes to mind–“alumni” is a plural word. The singular is “alumnus”.), I thought the story was a very creative one. I liked why “supers” are called that–short for superlative, nice. When Florence introduced her as Flo I wondered about Deb…and I was right. I look forward to seeing how she ends up as a fish. And of course, going to Australia…shoula seen that coming, since Boo seems to like the place. 42 Wallabe Way Sydney…

    Looking forward to further adventures. I also wonder how Wallaby fits into that…and if he and Stevin (Rhymes with Stephen?) end up being people we recognize.

    Also… I totally want a Mr Sumner. Adorable little guy.

    • Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the middle part was especially challenging, and I know it’s a little tough to get through. Part 1 was my first time ever writing fiction, so it took a lot of trial and error. I’m actually really encouraged that you found parts of it solid.

      I’ve learned a lot since I wrote Part 1, and definitely Part 2. It’s difficult writing serial fiction (and fan fiction for that matter) because you have to make hard decisions on time spent with characters. Many readers comment every week hoping for more references and set pieces that will pay off that this is a Pixar story. But as you pointed out, this can sometimes come at the expense of good characters.

      I think I got slightly better at this in Part 2, and especially with Part 3. If you explore those sections, please don’t hesitate to let me know your honest thoughts.

      • I can absolutely perceive a difference in writing between one and two–so kudos there! I would not have guessed this was your first attempt at writing. I liked part 2 a lot, though there was a LOT going on. There are so many characters and time periods and places it’s difficult to keep track of. Your cohesion was a lot better–but what stood out to me was that your transitions were extremely difficult to follow. Doing the line break and “cutting” to another scene is fine (I do it myself and see it in a lot of books I read) but I see a need to clarify better at the beginning of your next scene. You start with dialogue a lot, but what I would suggest is just a little bit of scene setting. Like, “A voice bellowed at so-and-so as she sat in the waiting room.” Or the like. Set the scene, tell the reader where the scene has cut to. In a movie, it’s not necessary–you have visuals. In a story, words are your visuals.

        The Finding Nemo parts seemed veery rushed and a bit unclear to me. I think the story of the Tank Gang could have been explored a lot more.

        I loved the Gnome story lines–those were pretty solid. (I also love WALL-E…but then I’m a sucker for post-apocalypse settings.)

        I really liked how Lotso fit in (Though Lightning McQueen’s involvement was rather hazy.) I thought Lotso’s and Daisy’s reunion could have been fuller, but I liked it nonetheless. I really enjoyed the dynamics between the two supers and their personalities. UltraViolet is also a cool superhero name. : D

        I have finished all the chapters of 3 that are up, but will comment once I read the whole story and see how it is wrapped up. Enjoying it very much! C:

        • This is tremendous feedback, thank you so much. When I reread Part 2 a while after putting it on iBooks, I had many of the same thoughts. I think it was useful to make this a serial fiction because I was able to answer questions in the comments every week, and as you can imagine, there were MANY.

          As I began Part 3, I tried to make many changes based on what I learned from Part 2, especially with transitions. And I knocked it off with all the time travel because not even I could keep up with it. Also, I merged my writing style with CS Friedman and George R.R. Martin a bit to up the quality of the scene setting and character motivations. I wouldn’t say it’s made Part 3 anything near what I hope my future fiction will be, but I’m personally proud of the progress, even if it is a little humbling.

  10. The Pixar Theory could be a split timeline thanks to Boo’s tampering, with BnL no longer being a powerful company, but a blip in history.

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