The Pixar Detective: Chapter 1

Hey everyone! Welcome to The Pixar Detective, a serial novel I put together based on the Pixar Theory. The following is a fictional story that explains the theory that all of the Pixar movies are connected and exist within the same universe, using original characters and artwork. The story answers a lot of questions you may have about this theory, but through its own ongoing narrative.

The story originally launched in April, and we’ve recently completed Part 1!

It is available as an iBook on iTunes, which you can check out here. If you can’t use iBooks, you can also download the PDF version. 

Once you’re finished, check back to our Table of Contents, where we’ll be continuing the story through Part 2. A new chapter is released every two weeks on Tuesdays. And please be sure to leave your feedback in the comments for us to read through. Enjoy!

chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Great Detective

Written by Jon Negroni. Illustrations by Kayla Savage. 

     The most brilliant detectives in the world are not the individuals with the biggest brains or even the most advanced gadgets and gizmos, although having a magnifying glass with an electronic interface is always useful for finding your way around a particularly messy crime scene.  The best detectives aren’t necessarily organized, tidy, punctual, or easy to get along with. Even the most successful detectives tend to find themselves relying on more than just being familiar, easygoing crime-fighters. No, the world’s greatest detectives are the most imaginative risk-takers that have ever decided to look through a magnifying glass, and we know this for certain because a great detective doesn’t decide to live a life of solving mysteries.  The greatest detectives have the truly important mysteries thrust upon them, and they probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ready for more? Click here to access the Table of Contents, or check out the e-book.

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58 thoughts on “The Pixar Detective: Chapter 1

  1. Last time I saw a house like that, it was caused by a clumsy alien in a flying saucer! I like the way you’ve set this in the Pixar universe. Look forward to part two.

  2. Ahhh! So many references! It is soooo good. Cant wait for the next installment.

    • Thanks Nic! I’ll be Tweeting the cover for Chapter 2 next Tuesday, so that should hopefully hold us over.

  3. Is the magnifying glass/oracle magic or just a cool piece of technology? Just curious.

  4. i like all the references to to films and shorts. i can’t wait to read the rest 🙂

  5. Sounds like fun. Will there please be an ebook version when the story is complete?

    • Definitely! We’re also thinking about releasing volumes every 5 chapters or so for people to catch up.

    • Of course! I forgot that Boo’s real name was Mary. O.o

  6. AAAgh I’m so excited, it’s hard for me not to comment before getting to the end!

  7. So what year does this take place in? My guess is 2018 based on Boo being in Toy Story 3 and being about 4 at the time.

  8. I really enjoyed this, and i don’t normally like fan-fictions, can’t wait to read the next installment.

    Question: Have you read PJO?

  10. I can not wait to keep reading this and see where it goes. im hooked!!!

  11. I love it 🙂 really good. I just read chapter 1 and I wanna read the 2 allready…
    Sorry for my bad english… Im learning

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    satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us.
    Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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