Does The New Monsters University Short Disprove The Pixar Theory?

As excited as I was about the last Muppets movie, I can’t say I care much about Muppets Most Wanted, a movie with more celebrities than jokes, apparently.

One thing I am excited about, however, is the release of a Monsters University short that premiered at the 2013 D23 Expo and will be shown before Muppets Most Wanted. I’ve been told by some that it includes possible hints at the Pixar Theory (mainly with door technology), so I’m excited to see it all play out for myself.

Here is a quick preview:

It’s not much to go on, but as you can see, the door connects to points within the Monsters’ universe (the fraternity house and the party).

In the theory, I stress how the doors manipulate time, not necessarily dimensions. This is the first time in any of the Monsters Inc. properties that we’ve seen two doors linking within the same time period.

My hypothesis has been that the monsters are actually animals that have mutated and replaced humans thousands of years after the events of Wall-E. The monsters need energy – i.e. humans – to power their world, so they use the magical properties of wood and their advanced technology to travel back in time and harvest energy from past humans.

Monsters University Party CentralThe monsters don’t know they’re traveling back in time in order to preserve the delicate timeline. They’re taught that humans and their belongings are toxic, which is really a precaution against them messing with anything that would change history.

But in this short, we see that the doors are being used for spacial travel, rather than time travel.

Will this disprove the Pixar Theory? We’re going to have to wait and find out. Discuss!

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160 thoughts on “Does The New Monsters University Short Disprove The Pixar Theory?

  1. If anything, the full thing actually farther PROVES the Pixar Theory.

    • OK, so the original theory isn’t wrong, but it does need a clarifying point. In Monsters Inc. We see monsters move from the monsters world(their current) to the human world (their past/our current-kind of), time travel, but that does not explain how they are able to go from a number of close points in the monsters time (all in the same building), to very far away places in the human time (entirely different countries) unless they are traveling through time AND space in which case they should in theory be able to travel only through space by the same means, which they do in the short.

      • Isn’t it that when someone travels through time they end up traveling through space too, cause they don’t always end up on the exact place they traveled from forwards or backwards in time.

        • But one shows France and another shows somewhere in the U.S.A, I think it’s like a space portal and a time portal, each door is set to different time and space coordinates.

    • I’m gonna go on a limb and say maybe there going to a point in time to where they cannot tell the difference between the two, or possibly they took the original door through to the past time frame that one of the doors came from and took the other half of the door through therefore the door would then work with the current time frame so maybe that is the explanation. Just theories….

    • the doors are not the same they are two different doors that are part of a room .
      one is the door to the rooms hall and the other is to the onsweit
      ego the monsters go through the door walk through the room and then walk out the other

  2. I saw the short and what happens is the student use the doors to move the best party on campus to they’re own sorority house. I think how they did it was they made a door that that traveled through the timeline and to a different location on the earth at that time and found a room with 2 closets. The skill it must have taken to create this door. they must have been planing this they must have been trying for months. Aswell as this being the first time there are 2 doors leading to the same room in the past this is also the first time that the room is the room of the parents not the child. in finishing this i think that this makes it more likely the pixar theory is true than false

  3. Since space and time aren’t seperate, but rather one singular thing (space-time, as Albert Einstein famously discovered), in my opinion time traveling doors and space travelling doors do not exclude each other. To be honest, I think it is logical that those doors exist.
    The only problem is: to construct those doors, wouldn’t Sulley and Mike have to know how they work?

    Although… Both of the doors have this red light thingy above them, which is only ever seen on the Monster-side of the doors, implying that these are the “sender” doors and not the “reciever” doors in the childrens’ bedrooms. If it was a direct link between those doors, wouldnt there be one door, that didn’t have a light on it?
    That could mean, that Mike and Sulley actually don’t know much about the insides of those doors, but rather set up two standard doors in the human world, somewhere near each other, which they then use to quickly travel between the two monsterworld-tied “sender” doors.

    • But at the end of Monsters University, isn’t there a red light when they are getting out of the human world?

    • This theory is so intricate that I’m probably getting something wrong, but that whole thing about the monsters messing with the past did happen BUT if they don’t want them to mess with the past then why do they banish them to THE PAST? I’m not trying to disprove anything , I just thought of it but still…

  4. To what you have shown, it is just a party happening at the college. There are no indications that Sully is still in the present time. My theory is that Sully went through the door to go to a party that was happening at the college in the past. Then he took the door and set it up like Mike had planned.

  5. Wormholes can theoreticaly be used to travel in space as well as time.
    So, maybe the doors harness wormholes, that would explain the massive energy requirements.

  6. I have seen both Monsters Inc. and Monsters University, and have watched the Party Central short, and I think that the way the monsters use the doors to steal the party only further proves the time travelling theory.

    I think that it is safe to assume that the monsters can only travel a certain time into the past with the doors. As an example, if the doors can only travel exactly 2500 years into the past. And if the monsters live in the year 4500 then when they travel back in time it’s year 2000 for the humans. And when it is year 4515 for monsters, for humans it’s 2015, and so on.

    This kind of time travel can be proved by the fact that kids fear a certain monster in their closet (Boo has drawings of randy). If a door would lead to just a certain time period, wouldn’t it mean the monster would every time scare the kids for the first time? Also when Sully and Mike are exiled and they meet Snowman it is made clear that the same amount of time has gone by in both timelines. We are also told that kids are getting harder to scare, which only further support this kind of time travel.

    So the part how the monsters steal the party in now easily explained. In Monsters Inc. we lear that all the doors are unique, and cannot be replicated (all the destroyed doors throughout the movie). In both the Monsters movies we lear that some of the doors can be faulty (doors that lead to kids that are not scared, adults, etc.) So naturally there just has to be some kind of testing system for the doors. Where doors that open closets in childrens rooms are sent to Monsters Inc. and doors that lead to dangerous places are discarded. (doors that lead to camps, teens, parents and who know where else).

    Also I believe that the doors are created at random, and just as easily as a door can lead to a closet, it could be a kitchen door or a garage door. And so through the testing the useless doors are destroyed.

    So what if some of the faulty doors don’t get destroyed. And with some luck Sully and Mike happened upon two doors that lead to the same room. But anyway, the monsters in Party Central hop through door number 1. to get to the past and then pop back to their own time through door number 2. So it’s still time travel and not just spacial travel.

    And lets not forget Boo. According to theory she can hop through time however she pleases. So because she learns by herself how to travel using doors, she could have discovered a different way to use them. Which also allows her to move through space (when she changes the interior of her hut but going through a door) But I haven’t used much time to think about how Boo travels.

    But this is just my theory and sorry for the ridiculously long comment.

    • It’s ok. I think that’s a great answer.

    • That was pretty solid, also, just to add something to your comment, in MU some students say something about a misscalculation, that means, the door makers don’t do it randomnly there must be some kind of parameters for kids doors.

      I didn’t go really deep into this but I want to point it out that 🙂

      *Sorry for my bad english btw 🙁

      • Oh right, the part where they said it is when Mike is possing like a bad guy and waiting to the room get clear, the students are talking about the doors they work on during the semester 🙂

  7. Maybe they rigged the doors to travel to a different place in the same time period. So I don’t think it disproves The Pixar Theory.

    • Plus look at the incredibles short Jack-Jack. in that short Syndrome appears despite being dead at the end of the first Incredibles( I say first because we are getting a sequel(just in case you didn’t know that)). So maybe the shorts aren’t even cannon to the movies. Meaning there is now way they can disprove the theory if they are not cannon.

      • Jack Jack Attack does not take place after The Incredibles. It explains how Syndrome kidnapped Jack- Jack before his family got home near the end of the movie.

      • Uh, HELLO! Syndrome is there because that’s BEFORE he dies while the Incredibles are coming home. And in the airplane, the kids said they hired a babysitter.

  8. Couldent. the monster program the doors not years into the past, but a couple seconds into the past of future? That would still make the pixar theory possible.

  9. Couldent. the monster program the doors not years into the past, but a couple seconds into the past of future? That would still make the pixar thery possible

  10. What if when they went through the doors that actually were going back in time. For instance if the students enter their “school hall” they are actually entering someone’s family room. As they were partying you can imagine a lot of noise being made so when the neighbors went to investigate they see monsters through the windows causing them panic and running home. Thus making the buildings on campus a tartus(Doctor Who reference). As they would all lead to another building in the past causing commotion. Which would explain different monsters “seen” in people’s houses, streets, etc. Making others around them think the person was crazy, then causing more and more screaming, helping the power. Then they would all without knowing be helping Monsters Inc.
    If you don’t understand I could try to clear it up.

  11. Space-time is a single thing, you can have a wormhole that sends you through space and not time. The theory can survive.

  12. Who’s to say they can’t use the doors to travel a few days back in time? It would be an effective method of transportation

  13. My theory? Yes. It manipulates dimensions. It messes with dimensions, including time. If it only did time, how would Monsters Inc. work? It is shown that they can use one station to travel to various bedrooms across the globe with various doors, meaning a door must be able to send them through time AND space in order to work. It isn’t much of a stretch to think that it must be able to send them through recent time.

  14. Could it be that these doors were just examples for campus use only? Designed specifically to show the purpose of the use of doors for the college students. They stole 2 doors. They planted each one where they wanted the “portal” to open. In my opinion these could just be test doors from the school.

  15. This doesn’t disprove the pixar theoryat all! But then again, the pixar theory is so awesome, I’d defend it whatever

  16. Actually, time and space are practically the same, so travelling in time and travelling between parallel universes can be made. And as they’re using so much the time flowings, time in their unverse has been accelerated, while in the past the time is normal. The prove of this? Why didn’t Boo’s parents realised that her daughert has been out home for two or three days? Because for them it hasn’t been more than a night.
    That can explain why Boo is so obssesed with finding Sully: her parents tried to convince her that “Kitty” wasn’t more that another dream, because they think it was just a night. But Boo felt time speed’s change and that’s the reason she knows Sully and his world is real.
    And a prove that humans still exist in A Bug’s Life’s time is that the tramp cricket Filck finds in the city has a poster saying “A child ripped my wings”. If there is a child, there have to be humans somewhere.

    • But aren’t they techincally travelling through time and space. Because if they were just travelling through time, they would end up in the same location, but in a different time period. Therefore, to get to a specific location they would need to manipulate time and space. They would probably manipulate space by using a voodoo magic sort of thing so when you open the one door it opens on the other side allowing travel through space and time. So therefore, the doors were ‘attuned’ to the same time period, but opened in different locations.
      P.S I made this theory in a couple of minutes so it may be flawed.

      • The doors would have to transport monsters through space too, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to have loads of doors in a row transporting monsters to place across the world.

  17. Oops didn’t mean to follow up. Dang it.

  18. the doors are not the same they are two different doors that are part of a room .
    one is the door to the rooms hall and the other is to the onsweit
    ego the monsters go through the door walk through the room and then walk out the other

  19. I have a question
    in Monsters ink mike and sully go through a iron door how is this possible
    this was the door that banished them

    • The hint about this comes from Brave. The witch says “Wood cannot be imbued with magical properties,” but she is clearly lying. It’s not that wood is inherently magic. It’s just a good conduit of magic. Other things can be too, like iron. But a difference would be that iron is a one-way exit.

  20. This theory is ridiculously easy to debunk, as not all of the doors are med of wood.

    • Not so, Anne. In Brave, we learn that Wood is just a conduit for magic. The Witch hints that wood is simply “imbued” with magical properties. That doesn’t mean it’s the only thing in the world that can do the same.

      • But my theory is that they are using quantum theory. The door is the same only in parallel monsterverse. The doors have no magical properties but like particles can be in two places at once. It is one door only in two different verses. That explains why the doir link together as the door can someho be like the cat in the box only the monsters force the probability and the door is now like a portal but still just One single doir

  21. I think what matters is origins of the doors in monsters’ time – what if they create those time portals exactly in a place of those on human time, and then they transport them back to power station/campus/wherever? The link between the doors may still be possible to exist, you wouldn’t expect a time machine to break, if you move it. However, if the doors are just doors which somehow survived through all these years and are the very same doors that are in earlier time, then it might be easie to explain the connection between them.
    About travelling in space, I think that my idea explains it, at least partially 🙂
    I just thought about it, give me some critique to develop this ^_^

  22. Okay. My theory.
    The doors are the same. Only in parallel universes. The reason the door is made out of metal is so they cant destroy it in the monster world and that it is outside in the wind snow rain and hale in the rwal world. Quantum theory means that the door is the same only in a parallel universe, just like particles. Every posdible version of the door exist some place, but the monsters forc a reality by connecting the two worlds. The door is one door. Like schrødingers kat. The door is the excact same. Not a clone. The door acts as a portal because, the reality they force by observation is the door in another place, world universe. They are not traveling through their own timeline because the doors would not coonect. Two lines run parallel and somehow the bend into eachother because the doors are the sMe.thebpower they run it by, by use of the stations is power that is also crossing that boundry as it comes from the hw.

    • Interesting theory, but I’m more inclined to believe that the doors are the exact same, but one exists in the future while the other is in the past. So monsters don’t have access to every door in the world, hence they have an energy crisis. They just have access to doors that have lasted thousands of years.

  23. Your theory was born disproved.

  24. (I’m purely speculating on what is shown in this small clip, I have not watched the full short.) We know from watching Monsters University that the monsters themselves manufacture the doors to access the periods of time in which they can harness humans’ energy. So what if Mike and Sully realised that they could use these doors in a special way. Because the monster’s doors connect to human doors, what if they hypothesised that they could create two doors instead of just the one? This would mean that, because these doors were twins, they could connect to each other without having to change time period. You say that they travel time wise rather than spatially, however they must either be positioned incredibly well or travel spatially to access the bedrooms of children. (The doors used by them could also travel through time, but only by a few seconds.) This would allow for the events of the clip to take place.

    • Well to add to what you’re saying, I’ve recently been working out how the door technology works. A great theory is that the doors in the future only connect to the same doors from the past. So each door they go through are preserved versions of the same door that existed centuries before. That would mean your “twin door” idea makes perfect sense.

  25. I don’t think it harms the theory at all, because i n the theory doors can transport monsters through time AND space. Just don’t use the time travelling part and you’re done.

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