Does The New Monsters University Short Disprove The Pixar Theory?

As excited as I was about the last Muppets movie, I can’t say I care much about Muppets Most Wanted, a movie with more celebrities than jokes, apparently.

One thing I am excited about, however, is the release of a Monsters University short that premiered at the 2013 D23 Expo and will be shown before Muppets Most Wanted. I’ve been told by some that it includes possible hints at the Pixar Theory (mainly with door technology), so I’m excited to see it all play out for myself.

Here is a quick preview:

It’s not much to go on, but as you can see, the door connects to points within the Monsters’ universe (the fraternity house and the party).

In the theory, I stress how the doors manipulate time, not necessarily dimensions. This is the first time in any of the Monsters Inc. properties that we’ve seen two doors linking within the same time period.

My hypothesis has been that the monsters are actually animals that have mutated and replaced humans thousands of years after the events of Wall-E. The monsters need energy – i.e. humans – to power their world, so they use the magical properties of wood and their advanced technology to travel back in time and harvest energy from past humans.

Monsters University Party CentralThe monsters don’t know they’re traveling back in time in order to preserve the delicate timeline. They’re taught that humans and their belongings are toxic, which is really a precaution against them messing with anything that would change history.

But in this short, we see that the doors are being used for spacial travel, rather than time travel.

Will this disprove the Pixar Theory? We’re going to have to wait and find out. Discuss!

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160 thoughts on “Does The New Monsters University Short Disprove The Pixar Theory?

  1. My guess – maybe the door they have is a different kind of door? Hardwired to specifically teleport from place to place inside their own dimension. It would not surprise me that with all the thousands of doors they make, some can be made to specifically go anywhere the user is wanting. Either that or it could very well be capable of changing the frequency of the door or something like that to adjust where it takes you.

    • I think this further backs your theory. It provides us with the info that the doors do not in fact go to another dimension. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to go across campus. They are a link to any frame in time. Past, present, future, but that could also be why mike says “wait” he knows the exact time he needs to pass through the door because it has already happened. Even if it was but a few seconds ago. Some may ask “why then were they able to communicate with the walkies?” I think it’s for the same reason they can stay in contact with the monsters when they scare the children. Everything that goes through the door goes back or fourth in time… Even wavelengths. Radio, electric, energy (like the screams), even light waves. Hence the shadows as they first enter the child’s room.

    • That could be a good explanation but what if all doors can be used for spacial travel but we’ve never seen them used like that before

  2. i just like to think that the time travel idea is right… because then it explains why The Doctor can’t use his sonic screwdriver to tamper with wood 😀

  3. Well…. we already see them being used as spatial travel in the original Monsters Inc., where the doors hop around the world during the chase through the door storage. So if the doors have already shown that you can travel to any spatial point, the short doesn’t necessarily invalidate that they can travel to a temporal point… some doors just travel to here and now.

    • Yeah your totally right

    • It’s also possible that the door represents a series of doors which allow the monsters in the short to travel back in time and then immediately through another door bringing them to the party. It wouldn’t be too difficult to go back in time and stage this series of doors. Or even just two doors.

    • Check out my comment earlier; If you watch closely, all three locations are well spread around Earth (Paris, Hawaii, Mt Fuji) yet all three are daylight. That’s not possible, so they must be travelling time too.

      • Yes, that’s an amazing point. Good job 🙂

  4. Oh no I just remembered on the Monsters Inc dvd there is a feature in which they explain how and where monsters come from. That may affect the Pixar theory.

    • well did you watch it and see what it said? it must just be how they came up with the idea for monsters inc after the release of the first toy story.

  5. While I may still be skeptical on the whole theory working together throughout the films, the little the clip shows does not disprove anything. One thing many people seem to miss is that, in the clip, the doors are free standing. In Monsters Inc., the doors are fitted into stations with control consoles. Those consoles allow them to set specific destinations, be it just in space or also in time. They merely use doors that are specifically linked to maintain and simplify the connection to conserve energy. In the clip, using linked doors without the station does not allow them to move through time, just space.

  6. This doesn’t disprove the theory at all. Einstein’s theory of relativity dictates that space and time are actually two sides of the same coin. Ever heard of space-time? Well it is my view that if the portal doors can warp time they can also warp space intrinsically, this only creates a hole for the part of the theory that suggests that the monsters don’t know that humans are from the past. I think the toxicity scare is more for the anti-human instinct mentioned earlier than to keep monsters from messing with the time-line. I think it is distinctly possible that the entirety of the monster society is built on the tenants that humans ruined the earth once and cannot be trusted, it is widely understood that interactions should and must be kept to a minimum. On the flip side monsters are fully aware of the necessity for humans. This short, then, does not break the pixar theory.

  7. I don’t think you need to worry about your theory. In fact, it may support it even further: The doors’ time travel ability is based on the magical properties wood has. However, if this was simply the case, why doesn’t every door behave this way? First, I theorize that what makes time travel possible through the doors is that all wood are subtly connected to each other and this connection is powered by humans in some way. The advanced technology that has developed by this time, specifically the metal frame around the door, charges the wood with the energy harvested from people (screams, laughter). It then focuses this potential energy onto an identical receiving wood entity (similar looking door, which if you look closely in the clip, both doors have a similar pattern) and, so long as both are intact and constantly powered, a connection is established and maintained. I can prove this in two ways. Firstly, it is already proven that the door tech, and most everything in the Monsters Inc. world, is powered by human energy when Boo laughs and all the doors light up. This fact leads to my second proof. If one human child could do that to all those doors then think about the large and constant power source available in a world filled with humans laughing, crying, etc. to power the doors on the other end once the connection is established with the future. This is why Mike and Sully need two similar doors with metal frames instead of just one with a frame and a similar regular door on the other side because there are no more humans around in the future to provide this residual energy for the connection (as per the Pixar Theory). I’m guessing the metal frames have internal batteries filled with human energy so that they can function. I would like to expand on this theory and its implications in the wider universe so email me if you’d like to hear what I got.

    • It’s a trap, the doors aren’t gonna work. Something is gonna happen and shit is gonna be coming from multiple points in time through one or both doors, and we’ll all learn a valuable lesson in messing with the temporal space-time continuum to have fun. :p

  8. It’s a trap, the doors aren’t gonna work. Something is gonna happen and shit is gonna be coming from multiple points in time through one or both doors, and we’ll all learn a valuable lesson in messing with the temporal space-time continuum to have fun. :p

    Sorry about the reply to the last post

  9. I think the doors are just travel and can be adjusted to any time weather in the past, future, or even now. They can also take you to any place not just the same place but a different time. That would make more sense cuz throughout the monsters inc/university movies you get that idea from the doors. They also use doors for special travel in monsters inc during the door chase scene like someone above also said. Which just means you need to adjust your theory a bit. To Boo using the doors to not only go to different time periods in hopes of finding sully but also different places. It just doesn’t make sense that she would invent them to only take her to a different time. Its just more convenient if she made them to take her to different places as well. It would save her time while properly exploration every “time period” and so the pixar theory isn’t disproved only added to! I think

  10. I do not think this disproves the pixar theory. Your theory dictates that the doors are use to time travel, but they obviously require the monsters to move in space (location) as well. The doors used in the trailer could just be used to travel back in time a few seconds and also location.

  11. Like the majority feel I think they can clearly control the doors destination. When I saw the door in the short I just assumed it was a training door for students that they have stolen as it’s a monsters university 🙂

  12. They have already been able to travel through space and time before when they are chasing Randall through many different doors. The locations change but they are also traveling through time even though the change in time is most likely fairly small seeing as it is around the same time of day in every location even though they are in different parts of the world.

  13. If I remember correctly, your theory explains how energy was used for time travel. What if different amounts of energy change the amount of time traveled? Then theres the problem with location. This could be resolved if you look at the designs of the doors. If you look through the movies, the door you do though looks exactly the same as the door you go out. It is the same in the short film too. It also explains how you can go to all the different rooms in Monsters. Inc from one location.

  14. am i the only one who thought that the sully at the good party was FUTURE sully? it looked to me as if the monsters of monsers U were going to a party at monsters INC in the future. but of course i may be wrong

  15. Traveling to a distant point instantaneously is, technically, time travel.

  16. They could be travelling through time if the dimension is set parallel to this one, only farther back in the timeline. Technically it would be both spacial and time travel.

  17. they could be traveling back in short amounts of time, you will never know until you see the full short film!


  19. Maybe it’s a different kind of door, a modified door or a normal door that was adjusted to go back just 1 second or no time 🙂

  20. another thing that disproves it: 1313, the year mu was founded. its all over the merchandise. but there are many other loopholes in the pixar theory, and all theories have ’em. but this still is a good and pretty believable theory.

    • The monsters might have simply have started over with a new calendar, being this far in the future.

  21. Okay here’s something at the very end of Cars they go to the drive-in and watch a “CARS” version of a Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Bug’s Life, meaning:

    (ONE) they not only mimicked the old world BUT DOCUMENTED previous events CENTERED AROUND THE CENTRAL TREE from Bugs Life, that made the monsters doors, AND MADE WOODY cause he’s made of wood!!! MEANING CARS TAKES PLACE AFTER THE MONSTERS REIGN!!!!!!!!!

    (TWO) Cars IS A PARALLEL Universe that mimics the human universe to the point where they made movies based off what happened in that universe MEANING THE MONSTERS WORLD REALLY IS ANOTHER WORLD ENTIRELY!!!!!! Disney did the same thing when DarkWing Duck found out he was a TV show in another universe and Pixar has taken Disney’s playbook.

    (Three) The machines disconnected themselves when the humans left, like when the toys moved when no one was looking, and took over the earth. Wall-E is an A.I. designed to move in front of humans so they never bothered him, but when people came back they began to stop moving AGAIN ALLOWING HUMANS TO BE REPLACED BY MONSTERS!!!!!!!


  22. I don’t think it affects the theory at all. Teleportation is simply time travel where you travel sideways rather than forward or back.

  23. It is also possible for the amount of time they are traveling back to be very minimum. like a 1 millisecond difference

  24. Hi Jon, you know how much I loved your Pixar theory so it will be very interesting to see how this clip will affect it all. I’ll be on the lookout 🙂

  25. this will help with your boo is the witch from brave theory. after all, the witch can change the inside of her shop by going through doors but there wouldn’t need to be any time travel involved there anyway.

    also when the monsters go through doors at their factory they all appear in different rooms so different houses etc even though the doors themselves are only placed about 2metres apart. it makes sense then, that doors transport monsters through both time and space. therefore,it is most likely possible for them to make a door that only transports them through space allowing them to move within their own era.

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