Snarcasm: The Mystery of Love Has Finally Been Solved

Each week on Snarcasm, I tackleĀ the worst articles on the Internet. Isn’t it astounding how long it’s taken me to do an article fromĀ Elite Daily? The alleged “voice of Generation Y” lives up to that weird promise in a piece that’s all about love, baby doll. The ultimatum of clickbait


Chris Pratt Correctly Predicted His ‘Jurassic World’ Leading Role…In 2009

Found this pretty entertaining as a huge Andy Dwyer fan. And it’s painfully obvious that this man controls the future.

Chris Pratt Shares Plot and Character Details For Jurassic World

Andy from Parks and Recreation is a big fan of helping to remind us that a Jurassic Park-er-World movie is actually happening. Yes, we’ve been told that it is officially coming out next June, but they haven’t even started filming yet. Editing alone is going to be a dinosaur of