Chris Pratt Correctly Predicted His ‘Jurassic World’ Leading Role…In 2009

Coincidentally, I’ve just finished binge-watching the first 6 seasons of Parks and Recreation, so finding this clip was too perfect timing-wise. In this “behind the scenes footage,” you’ll see Pratt joking about getting a text from Spielberg about his upcoming role in Jurassic 4 (which will actually be called Jurassic World).

Found this pretty entertaining as a huge Andy Dwyer fan. And it’s painfully obvious that this man controls the future.

Seriously, after starring roles in The Lego MovieGuardians of the Galaxy (which ended up being the biggest superhero movie of the year, by the way) and the upcoming Jurassic Park franchise, there’s literally no stopping this guy. And that’s a good thing.

If you still haven’t seen an episode of Parks and Recreation, do yourself a favor and check out the whole series on Netflix. Stomach through the admittedly bland first season and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the payoff.

4 thoughts on “Chris Pratt Correctly Predicted His ‘Jurassic World’ Leading Role…In 2009

  1. This guy’s on a roll.

  2. Is Parks and Rec better than the office?

  3. Hey Jon have you thought of doing or already have a weekly podcast? I would subscribe in a heartbeat. Great stuff on here.

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