A Great Podcast Can Come From Anywhere

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The rise of independent podcasting, explained by someone who lived it.

My podcasting story is similar to most, in the sense that it is mostly…unique. A lot of people start different podcasts of various shapes and sizes, usually with similar goals in mind. But they’re all working within the same ecosystem of a burgeoning, on-demand streaming platform that has taken over traditional radio in the last decade.

These days, everyone seems to have a podcast, or they at least want to start one. Celebrities have podcasts. Corporations have podcasts. Even characters from fictional movies have podcasts.

Recently, The New York Times did an entire story on whether or not we’ve reached “Peak Podcast,” whatever that means:

Like the blogs of yore, podcasts — with their combination of sleek high tech and cozy, retro low — are today’s de rigueur medium, seemingly adopted by every entrepreneur, freelancer, self-proclaimed marketing guru and even corporation. (Who doesn’t want branded content by Home Depot and Goldman Sachs piped into their ears on the morning commute?) There are now upward of 700,000 podcasts, according to the podcast production and hosting service Blubrry, with between 2,000 and 3,000 new shows launching each month.

For context, there were approximately 270,000 podcasts available just four years ago. In short time, podcasting has developed into a mainstream pastime, and one that is still seeing new adoption overseas. How did this happen, and so quickly?

The answer depends on the type of podcast you’re curious about. I can’t speak much about podcasts owned by corporations, or shows that exist on major networks. Their machinations are removed from my own experience. But I can speak to the phenomenon of seemingly ordinary people gathering around a microphone and reaching an audience far larger than they anticipated.

In other words, I can probably best explain the rise of podcasting by sharing my own story with the medium, and how it’s changed and grown over the years. Six years, to be exact.

Go on…A Great Podcast Can Come From Anywhere


‘Cars 3’ Official Trailer Breakdown — The Pixar Detectives


I had to go it alone on this week’s live episode of The Pixar Detectives, and it was a strange episode even by normal standards. Of course, I went through the entirety of the Cars 3 trailer to note the details and story developments we’re starting to see. But I also spent quite a bit of time lamenting what appears to be a very “safe” Pixar film without much of a compelling story, based on what we’ve seen so far.

The show kicked off with some interesting Pixar Theory material, specifically regarding an internal employee theory at Pixar about where the cars in Cars actually come from, and guess what? They’re not a bunch of insects.

This week’s giveaway is an Incredibles t-shirt I’ve worn a few times on the show. We already have a winner, so be sure to tune in live with us every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific) for a chance to win. Simply like Super News on Facebook to stay connected with us for new episodes.

We give away Pixar-related goodies like shirts, books, blu-rays, and tons more. And we’re always open to new suggestions for prizes you all might be interested in! Plus, Super News has tons of other shows and live-streams for Disney, gaming, and a ton more. See you all next week!

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Our Weekly Live Show, ‘PixarTonight’ Premieres Tonight

PixarTonight show

Friends, Pixar fans, and countrymen, we have some super news for you this morning. Tonight marks the first live episode of PixarTonight, starring myself and the illustrious Kayla Savage.

We’re going to be sharing the secrets of the Pixar universe on the Super News Network, via Facebook live (Update: the first episode is available to revisit! Just follow the link above).

You’ll bee able to follow along with us live and leave comments as we do the show every Wednesday at 7pm pacific. For this week’s episode, we’re talking Finding Dory, the upcoming Coco, and more.

We also have a preview teaser ready for you to watch filled with more details and easter eggs for you to find. Enjoy!

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Review: ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Both Reinvents And Recaptures Classic Disney

pete's dragon review

I wrote a full review of Pete’s Dragon is on Movie Pilot, which you can read here. Overall, I loved the movie and had a blast watching it, thinking about it, and of most of all, writing about it. I’ll be chatting about the film more in length for Monday’s podcast, along with even more thoughts on Sausage Party, which I also reviewed this week.

Here’s a quick excerpt from my review of Pete’s Dragon:

There are a lot of intelligent, aspirational elements at play within Pete’s Dragon, as it sets up the forest as an idyllic setting that needs to be cherished, but not ignored. Like the dragon himself, there’s something beautiful about man and nature coming together, but the obvious message about environmentalist values you might read into here is one thing the movie smartly downplays, instead accepting that man’s role in the world doesn’t have to be a passive one.

Pete’s Dragon revels in its simplicity and digestible themes, which is why it’s such an easy film to immerse yourself in, at just about any age (and not just because Robert Redford steals all of his scenes). For that reason, it’s the best family movie of the year and among the best films in 2016, overall.

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Game of Thrones: Who in Westeros Will Fight Alongside Daenerys Targaryen?

game of thrones daenerys westeros

In last night’s season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the stage was finally set for an all-out war for next year; one that is unprecedented for televised drama, let alone fantasy.

Everyone’s favorite Targaryen, Dany, is a character who has had one of the simplest motivations presented amidst the large cast since Season 1. She aims to reclaim the Iron Throne, and in the process, upend the corruption that preceded her birth and resulted in the widespread war that killed her entire family.

Fast forward six seasons, and the seven kingdoms have become a smaller number, and the great houses that clashed during the first three seasons have dwindled into something completely different. In this new order of Westeros, where the children have essentially taken over and powerful women have replaced the aggressive patriarchy (see Lady Olenna, Queen Cersei, Ellaria Sand, Yara Greyjoy to an extent, and Sansa Stark), who will stand behind the Mother of Dragons, and who will attempt to challenge her as the Night’s King continues his long march to the Wall?

On Movie Pilot, I composed a full breakdown of where each House and Kingdom stands and how likely it is they will ally with Fire and Blood. Click here to read the article.

Extra Credits:

  • Overall, I really enjoyed this finale and believe it to be the best season ender in the show’s history. Leave it to director Miguel Sapochnik for delivering three of the best episodes of the series, including last year’s “Hardhome,” along with “Battle of the Bastards” and now “Winds of Winter.”
  • Time for the nitpicks: Some of the episode’s quick progression was jarring and inconsistent with how alliances and “big moments” of the show usually play out. It’s odd to see characters teleporting from place to place, quickly negotiating huge plot developments without much resistance. It just doesn’t feel quite as earned as we would expect to hear Jon referred to as “King in the North,” the reveal of Jon’s true parentage even, the Dornish/Tyrell alliance with Dany, and more. But I will lend the show credit for how King’s Landing wrapped up in probably the best way possible.
  • One of the questions on everyone’s mind is whether or not Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon’s father, now that it’s been revealed (finally) that Lyanna is his mother and Ned is his uncle. I firmly hold to the uncomplicated theory that Rhaegar indeed impregnated Lyanna and out of love at that. There’s even credence to the idea that they were lawfully married during Robert’s Rebellion, despite Rhaegar’s marriage to Elia Martell, which would make Jon a legitimate Targaryen.
  • Last note: if you’re interested in reading the books but have no intention of starting at the beginning (though you absolutely should), I suggest you start with Storm of Swords, the third book in A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. There are certain deviations the show makes from this book in particular that you will want to be savvy on before reading Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons.


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