‘Cars 3’ Official Trailer Breakdown — The Pixar Detectives

  I had to go it alone on this week’s live episode of The Pixar Detectives, and it was a strange episode even by normal standards. Of course, I went through the entirety of the Cars 3 trailer to note the details and story developments we’re starting to see. But I also spent


Our Weekly Live Show, ‘PixarTonight’ Premieres Tonight

PixarTonight show

Friends, Pixar fans, and countrymen, we have some super news for you this morning. Tonight marks the first live episode of PixarTonight, starring myself and the illustrious Kayla Savage.

We’re going to be sharing the secrets of the Pixar universe on the Super News Network, via Facebook live (Update: the first episode is available to revisit! Just follow the link above).

You’ll bee able to follow along with us live and leave comments as we do the show every Wednesday at 7pm pacific. For this week’s episode, we’re talking Finding Dory, the upcoming Coco, and more.

We also have a preview teaser ready for you to watch filled with more details and easter eggs for you to find. Enjoy!

See you all every Wednesday at 7pm pacific! Click here to like Super News, so you can get updated as soon as we’re starting the show.

Review: ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Both Reinvents And Recaptures Classic Disney

And it’s not too bad on the CGI, either.

Game of Thrones: Who in Westeros Will Fight Alongside Daenerys Targaryen?

In last night’s season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the stage was finally set for an all-out war for next year; one that is unprecedented for televised drama, let alone fantasy. Everyone’s favorite Targaryen, Dany, is a character who has had one of the simplest motivations presented amidst the large