Which is Better: ‘Zootopia’ or ‘Moana?’ – The Pixar Detectives

Both Disney films have been nominated for Best Animated Feature in the upcoming Oscars, but which one will and win? And probably more importantly, which should win?

Kayla Savage and myself took to Super News and discussed live. We answered all of your burning comments, as always, and as a special bonus this week, we’re offering a second giveaway prize for those of you who can’t make it live! To enter for consideration, go to Super News on Facebook and leave a comment now. The drawing ends soon.

We’ll be off next Wednesday, so I’m planning to do a different video coming out at around the same time. See you then, and don’t forget to check out The Pixar Detectives live every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific) to hang out with us and talk about Disney and Pixar!

Also as a bonus (and because of the strong reaction to last week’s live stream), be sure to check out the latest video from SuperCarlinBros below, where they also chat about Disney allegedly “confirming” the Pixar Theory. Enjoy!

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Did Disney Confirm The Pixar Theory? – The Pixar Detectives

As many of you know, I wrote the Pixar Theory several years ago, detailing why I think every Pixar movie might be connected and how they broadly tell an overarching story outside the movies.

A few weeks ago, Disney Pixar shared a video on social media that takes you through a sampling of their Easter eggs in many of their films, and since then, some have called this out as “confirmation” that the theory is totally true…even though that’s clearly not the case.

The video is a lot of fun and definitely celebrates the recent spike in interest over these easter eggs, but there’s no indication made by this video or Disney Pixar that the movies are “connected” or share the same universe. And honestly, it’s a lot more fun that way, in my opinion.

In this week’s episode of Pixar Detectives, Kayla Savage and I dug a bit deeper into this subject, answering a ton of Pixar Theory questions along the way and giving away copies of my book, which expands a great deal on the original blog post from 2013.

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Will ‘Cars 3’ Be GOOD? – The Pixar Detectives

An “extended look” trailer  for Cars 3 came out just this past week, so last night, the Pixar Detectives took to Super News on Facebook Live to talk about it. And of course, the question our minds is pretty obvious: will this movie be any good? Or should we prepare for another Cars 2 situation?

We discussed what we liked and didn’t like about the first two Cars films. We asked: Is Lightning a good protagonist? Do we need more new characters? Why do I hate the way these cars are designed and Kayla likes them? We covered all that and then some.

Be sure to join us live each week, so you can comment along and enter our weekly giveaways. This week, we gave out the Blu-Ray Digital Combo Pack for Inside Out! And as always, we’re open to any and all prize suggestions from you all. Just leave a comment a below or in the video.

We’ll be back next Wednesday at 7 p.m. pacific (our normal time), and let me know if you have any lingering Pixar or Disney questions you want answered and explored in future episodes.

Here are some of our top comments from the livestream:

The only good cars was the first one. Pixar should just move on from cars. – Ashley

You know what would be an interesting conflict? The rise of electric cars threatening to replace Lightning and the other racers. Have the villain be an Elon Musk type figure who wants to turn the main racetrack into a tesla dealership – Steve

I think it will be a suprise shocker that will leave everyone satisfied – Tyler

I don’t think they’re slipping with their designs, I mean The Good Dinosaur was visually gorgeous. Inside Out was insanely beautiful. – Alexia

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Why Do You Love Pixar?

Our most recent episode of The Pixar Detectives was honestly a somber one, as we recorded just a day after the election. We used this timing as an opportunity to open up about our Pixar stories, specifically having to do with what the movies have done for our lives over the years in meaningful ways.

I’m fully aware, of course, that some might find this a bit frivolous. But I really believe that cinema (and stories at large) have a real impact on us. They inform and shape us in a lot of ways, especially early in life, and Pixar’s hand in our own upbringings is quite relevant for that reason, even though some of you may not have grown up with these movies in the same way.

That said, I hope you enjoy this episode we recorded live on Super News, and be sure to tune in to our next live episode tonight, which is all about Moana. We’ll be recording live from our exclusive screening of the film and will also be answering all of your spoiler-free questions after we’ve seen it. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

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How to Draw ‘Doctor Strange’ as a Pixar Character

Last week on The Pixar Detectives, I filmed Kayla Savage’s journey of Strange art, as she explained the unusual tactics that go into drawing Pixar characters, using Doctor Strange as a model. Turns out, there’s a method to Pixar’s madness.

The finished product is definitely pretty cool, and as always, I highly recommend you watch the show live whenever you can, since we do weekly giveaways and shoutouts. New episodes come every Wednesday at 7pm (Pacific) on Super News’ Facebook page.

Do you have an awesome episode idea for our live show? Or maybe a suggestion for giveaways we can dole out to you all? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to share with your friends if you like the show. This coming week is our 13th episode (which is crazy), and I’m itching to see what happens next.

In case you missed one of our other recent episodes, here’s our Halloween special, where we dressed as Riley and Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriend From Canada (can you guess who I was?) And before that, we had an Election Special, where we debated which Pixar character would be the best president.

Thanks for watching, and I hope we get to see you tonight!

The Ultimate Pixar Halloween Costume


This was a blast and a half. On our latest episode of Pixar Live, you guys helped Kayla Savage and me come up with the ultimate Pixar halloween costume. And we’re totally going to do next week’s show dressed as these characters (the winner got an awesome Incredibles shirt, of course).

We broadcast this show on Facebook Live via Super News every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific. And if you tune in and leave an awesome comment, you might win something cool related to Pixar!

The contest is over, but what do you think the ultimate Pixar costume is? We got some great ideas for both Disney and Pixar (a lot of people suggested Nightmare before Christmas). The best suggestions were pretty creative and off the beaten path, so if you have something awesome to contribute, we want to hear it.

Also, Kayla and I are open to your ideas and questions for future episodes. It’s a live show, so audience engagement is always the goal. What do you want to hear us talk about, and are there any Pixar universe secrets you’re dying to hear from us? This is your chance to let us know.

That said, enjoy this week’s show!

What If Pixar Made A Horror Movie?

Let’s get spooky, Pixar detectives. I went live on Super News last week to craft the ultimate Pixar horror movie (with audience help, of course). We also did a giveaway for the person with the best suggestion, so make sure you check out the show LIVE every week (Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific) so you can get in on the action. We’ll be announcing a new giveaway tonight…

You guys had some excellent suggestions I never had a chance to read aloud (too many comments to keep track of!) So here are some of my favorites:

  • (Tim) Why not one about a reverse world of horror , like something cute is scary cause of the kids in town would have grown up by really scary stuff like ghosts
  • (Johnathan) A Haunted Hotel like Hotel Transylvania Mashed up With American Horror Story And Nightmare before Christmas. Different scary worlds in the hotel rooms. (LA,CA)
  • (Roscoe) A family of terrifying blood-thirsty werewolves, however the young son is a vegetarian and doesn’t like meat. I’ll take a cheque.
  • (Julian) Little girl walks around with a clown doll who only she can see as a real clown ( kinda like wilfred tv show) and the clown traps people into their own version of sowened dolls?
  • (Kashanna) Pixar version of the books “Scary stories to tell in the dark.” For each story use different Pixar character.

There are tons more, and they’re all splendid. Be sure to check them out here.

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