Will ‘Cars 3’ Be GOOD? – The Pixar Detectives

An “extended look” trailer  for Cars 3 came out just this past week, so last night, the Pixar Detectives took to Super News on Facebook Live to talk about it. And of course, the question our minds is pretty obvious: will this movie be any good? Or should we prepare for another Cars 2 situation?

We discussed what we liked and didn’t like about the first two Cars films. We asked: Is Lightning a good protagonist? Do we need more new characters? Why do I hate the way these cars are designed and Kayla likes them? We covered all that and then some.

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Here are some of our top comments from the livestream:

The only good cars was the first one. Pixar should just move on from cars. – Ashley

You know what would be an interesting conflict? The rise of electric cars threatening to replace Lightning and the other racers. Have the villain be an Elon Musk type figure who wants to turn the main racetrack into a tesla dealership – Steve

I think it will be a suprise shocker that will leave everyone satisfied – Tyler

I don’t think they’re slipping with their designs, I mean The Good Dinosaur was visually gorgeous. Inside Out was insanely beautiful. – Alexia

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6 thoughts on “Will ‘Cars 3’ Be GOOD? – The Pixar Detectives

  1. Cars 3 to be good? I still need more evidence in order to make my prediction.
    As for the Pixar Detectives, Ever since Shelby Forthright has been elected president, there has been numerous speculation as to what will happen to Stevin and Mary, the anti-BnL rebellion, and others. I am making spinoffs and I want to make an extended universe on those novels. On the subject on Cars 3 and the Pixar Theory, I recently saw the trailer, and I believe that the split timeline theory may make a lot of sense now. I think that the Cars series is in one universe in which BnL is successful in taking down the rebellion and managed to successfully save the planet from death and humans are replaced with machines as the dominant species on earth. Those Cars movies may be part of that timeline. Another timeline is Wall-E, in which BnL defeats the rebellion, but did not save the earth from destruction, forcing all the humans to leave. The last one considers Inside Out and it is a bit less concrete, but I am considering two options. One is which BnL was somehow defeated and the other is which Inside Out is still before the war because BnL may have more influence in some places than others. (California is consistently liberal and BnL may look like a Libertarian Conservative place, but Forthright could run for president or something like that).

  2. I’m actually excited for Cars 3, I’ve been a big fan of the Cars movie. I want this movie to really surprise me and cannot wait until Summer!

  3. I have mixed feelings about the film. On the one hand, the plot sounds cliche and boring, which isn’t typically like Pixar. On the other hand, the trailer looks amazing, and even though I’m not a fan of the Cars movies, I’d like to check this one out.
    I’d say that it won’t be nearly as good as the previous movies, but it’ll still be pretty amazing in its own right.

  4. It’s still great! But to be fair, I still find it inferior compared to previous films.

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