It’s OK Not to Dream Big.

Do your goals and ambition control you?

They don’t “control” me, though “control” is a funny word.

My ambitions guide me, and they shape me as I realize them. But they in no way prevent me from enjoying the moment, whichever one that is.

Like any other generation that looks smugly down on the one slightly younger, I routinely roll my eyes at kids and young adults I see on Instagram, Vine and Twitter. The frivolous entitlement, fixation on pop culture (that yes, I share with them) and obsession with selfie-fueled narcissism all make me cringe when I loop that Vine.

But then I am met with the “other” kids who are in a totally different state of mind from their counterparts. These are the selfie kids who just finished school and want to seek wisdom for what they should do next. I love to relate to them because one of my most vivid memories encompasses my first summer after college.

And how absolutely terrified I was.

Life starts with big dreams we haven’t thought through. Life continues on after you’ve realized your dreams will actually take a lot of work (that you may not be willing to do).

My dreams have always been based on values I have. Not fame, and definitely not my career. My dreams aren’t “big” in the conventional sense. I never told myself that someday I’ll change the world. I never promised my family and friends that one day I’ll be the best writer with the best writing job. Mostly because that will never happen.

Instead, I crafted my dreams around what I cherish. My spiritual life. Writing. Changing the worlds of people I love.

I accomplished some of those dreams, and some unexpected things have happened as a result of that.

They didn’t happen because I forced them too. I started a blog because I love to write, not because I wanted to be the next “whoever.” I simply wrote about the things I love and let myself grow.

You’re probably in the same boat, whether you’re a blogger, journalist or just someone with a cool story to tell. Don’t worry about who’s going to read your thoughts. Get over the fact that you probably won’t accomplish every single desire your happiness-starved heart demands of you.

Your passion is way more fulfilling than happiness, after all.

So it is OK to dream big. But it’s also OK to simplify. And it’s way better to dream “well.” You’ll have an easier time weeding out the ones that aren’t worth having.


Could This Be The Solution to Homelessness?

One state has pretty much defied the odds and is on track to eradicate homelessness by 2015. How did they do it?

I did some digging and composed a full article on what’s being done by some states to solve the problem of homelessness. I end with some facts and figures about homelessness to keep in mind before weighing in on the debate.

Here’s the full article, and be sure to voice your opinion on what could be a huge win in the battle against poverty.

5 Things You Need to be Doing in College Right Now


No matter what year of college you’re in at the moment (freshman, senior, or otherwise), there are numerous ways to prepare yourself for the competitive job market ahead. 

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Lessons I Learned from the Real World of PR


What can you really expect from the living the life of a public relations professional?

I gave a speech a few weeks ago to a room full of college students who happen to be PR hopefuls. A lot of the speech covered what I want to talk about here, but the main takeaway for me was how surprised I was by the comments afterward.

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What if You Don’t Love What You Do?

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 11.04.09 AM

Have you ever had that realization that you hate your profession?

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Control Your Doubt

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One year ago, I thought I had my entire life mapped out ahead of me. I had just landed my first professional job, more than a month before graduation. I had conquered my last semester of college with high marks. Life was good, and it only seemed downhill from there.

There are two types of people reading this. The people who have experienced this and those who haven’t. Those who have know firsthand just how foolish I was to believe that life was finished with me.

Take my advice. Don’t get comfortable in where you are at and where you think life is taking you, because you are in for a surprise.

Don’t get me wrong, confidence is a beautiful tool that hopefully many of you will use to get what you want and need. But doubt is so much more satisfying to control. The day you are able to master the ability to use doubt as an asset rather than fear is a day I look forward to as well.

This is because doubt pushes us forward. It negates lethargy and prevents needless failure. When we doubt ourselves, it i
s because we are aware of what is better than us.

So beware.

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A Different Take on Job Interviews

Most people will tell you what to wear, what time to show up, what to say, and how to shake their hand. All great advice, but here’s something I’ve picked up on. The best way to brand yourself is with stories.

Interviewers want to feel like they’re talking to a real person. Someone who is just reciting memorized words off a script comes off as unable to think on their feet. That’s why stories sell yourself as a person, not just as a candidate. They make you likable because the interviewer is learning more about you through something more relevant than small talk.

Example: an interviewer may ask you why you are applying for the job. An honest answer could be that you think the company has great values and you like the culture. That’s a good answer. Here’s a better one: well I was researching your company and I really wanted to find out what you were about. I liked what I saw, so I asked around. People spoke highly of you guys. In fact, one person said…

That story tells the interviewer many positive things about you, things that lots of similar blog posts beg you to apply. So, the next time you are on the hot seat, consider using honest storytelling to draw the interviewer into what makes you their ideal candidate.


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