A Different Take on Job Interviews

Most people will tell you what to wear, what time to show up, what to say, and how to shake their hand. All great advice, but here’s something I’ve picked up on. The best way to brand yourself is with stories.

Interviewers want to feel like they’re talking to a real person. Someone who is just reciting memorized words off a script comes off as unable to think on their feet. That’s why stories sell yourself as a person, not just as a candidate. They make you likable because the interviewer is learning more about you through something more relevant than small talk.

Example: an interviewer may ask you why you are applying for the job. An honest answer could be that you think the company has great values and you like the culture. That’s a good answer. Here’s a better one: well I was researching your company and I really wanted to find out what you were about. I liked what I saw, so I asked around. People spoke highly of you guys. In fact, one person said…

That story tells the interviewer many positive things about you, things that lots of similar blog posts beg you to apply. So, the next time you are on the hot seat, consider using honest storytelling to draw the interviewer into what makes you their ideal candidate.


4 thoughts on “A Different Take on Job Interviews

  1. Absolutely great advice. Now, I just pray for the opportunity to be in the hot seat again. Haven’t authentically been, for a while. 🙁

    • Thanks! I’ve been in the hot seat too many times to count this year, and I have to admit I find it more thrilling than I do nerve-wracking, which is definitely a great thing.

      • I’m glad you’re finding it thrilling, I find it demoralizing. But I should try an adapt a more positive attitude, especially since I now have another vantage point. 🙂 Thanks to you. Wishing you all the best with your ongoing search Jon~ S.

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