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This week on Cinemaholics, I’m joined by special guest Kayleigh Donaldso, writer for ScreenRant and Pajiba. We talked about Wonder Woman, of course, and had a spirited discussion about the state of the DCEU and how we’d rank the movies so far.

Will Ashton was on the show as well to talk about Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, which I unfortunately had to miss this weekend. But I did get a chance to share my thoughts on the first season of Riverdale (finally), and Maveryke Hines tried to convince me to finally catch up on House of Cards now that Season 5 is out.

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House of Cards to Return For Third Season in February

house of cards season 3

Ross Miller | The Verge

House of Cards, Netflix’s first breakout success, is coming back for a third season. Netflix today announced the premiere date: February 27th, 2015.

The 13-episode second season of House of Cards debuted this past Valentine’s Day, February 14th, and was reportedly finished by over half a million people in the first weekend — and by at least one person (me) in the first 12 hours.

The Season 3 release date announcement was made by the House of Cards official Twitter account, which teased a perfectly chilling video of the “First Couple” entering Air Force One.

Now we just have to come up with something to fill the time until February 27th. I’ll mostly be wondering how they’ll manage to match the near-perfect first episode of Season 2, which featured my personal favorite twist of the entire series thus far.

Theme Mashup Of “Full House” & “House Of Cards” Will Ruin Your Childhood

Enough talking, here’s the video.

Thanks to YouTube genius Adam Holt, we now know that there was a secret subplot to Full House all along, and it coincides perfectly with the Washington D.C. deviancy we have come to love from House of Cards.

Michelle Tanner grew up in a home much unlike anyone else’s. She always wondered why the other kids had a mother, while she had three fathers who came across as bumbling idiots.

One was a failed comedian, the other a paranoid neat freak and the last a shady nightclub owner who always found a reason to switch jobs. No one would bat an eye when he would dismiss them with this chilling line, Have Mercy.

Full House of Cards

Year after year, Michelle continued to watch her life closely, searching desperately for clues to what her family was hiding. There was no way DJ Tanner had gone from a clumsy fool to becoming a hot teenager. There was just no way. All of sudden, Stephanie gave up her dreams to become a dancer for seemingly no reason, never to speak of it again. It was almost as if someone was silencing them.

Full House of Cards

Michelle asked too many questions. Every time she would come in contact with another one of Joey’s girlfriends, they’d disappear—never to be heard from again. Even her father’s fiance vanished without a trace or explanation.

Full House of Cards

But she knew they were smart. Since she was young, they’d kept Uncle Jesse’s girlfriend around just long enough to make it seem like everything was normal. As if Michelle didn’t really need to know what actually happened to her mother.

Full House of Cards

They’d thrown around the easy explanations. Car accident. Stuffed bears as presents. Sappy music mysteriously playing to keep Michelle distracted whenever she inched closer to the truth about Pamela, a woman who looked nothing like her alleged brother.

Eventually, Michelle discovered that someone aside from her manipulative fathers was pulling the strings. They had to be. Uncle Jesse eventually got married, and he tried hard to escape. Michelle could have let him move away from this chaos, but she fooled him into staying. She needed his help, as he was the only person in the family who seemed to let out a subtle cry for help when things took a turn for the unusual. Have mercy.

Full House of Cards

Michelle was getting older, assembling clues left and right. She was close to figuring out this house she had lived in her whole life—nay, been trapped inside her whole life—could mysteriously add completely new levels and living space overnight. It’s impossible, she’d think tossing and turning at night.

Full House of Cards

Pretty small for such a full house…

Speaking to her family directly never worked. She’d ask the tough questions, and when they’d start to deflect, Michelle would have no choice but to disarm them with yet another You got it dude, which really meant, I’ll follow along for now.

Full hosue of Cards

Everything changed when Michelle took up horseback riding. It was a simple enough distraction that she picked up in about three days. For whatever reason, Michelle discovered she had the incredible ability to learn new skills almost instantly, giving her the chance to train herself for escaping this horrid life. She had tried to escape once before with Comet, making it seem as if she had lost him in the city. She failed to slip away, however, so she needed an activity to increase her stamina.

She grew to love horseback riding, and the time had come when she was good enough to go for her escape. With her new enemy-turned-ally, Michelle rode off in the wilderness, but something—or someone—manipulated the horse from a distance, causing it to throw Michelle and incapacitate her.

Full House of Cards

In the hospital, a mysterious figure came across Michelle in her comatose state. We don’t know why or how, but he managed to erase her memories, forever eluding her from the truth. She’d recollect pieces of her memory, even believing for a minute that she had a twin sister. She was so close, and yet so far.

And that was the end of it. Until twenty years later, when Michelle Tanner, now 27, has moved to Washington D.C. to run for Congress. Does she remember past?

You got it dude.

Full House of Cards

This duplicitous, blonde female is out for revenge. She’s going to unravel this Full House of Cards.

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Review: ‘House Of Cards,’ Season 2

One heartbeat away from the presidency and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated…

Frank Underwood (played by the talented Kevin Spacey) utters these words in episode two of the second season of House of Cards, a political thriller that took us all by surprise. While being sworn in for winning the vice presidency after a full season of political  scheming involving lies, betrayals and even murder, Underwood sets his sights on the road ahead.

Season 2 starts with an episode that literally stuns. I obviously can’t spoil the decisive action and unexpected plot movement that sets the tone for this season, but I can almost guarantee that fans of the show will undoubtedly be hooked.

My laments about the first season were few but potent. One too many episodes were imbalanced scripts compared to the ones surrounding them, as they failed to deliver the same heart-pounding storytelling on a consistent basis.

A few episodes in, I can safely say that this has been somewhat remedied. Now that the characters are settling comfortably within their roles on Capitol Hill and beyond, we’re finally done with exposition and ready to fully sink our teeth into the motivations and struggles that plague these complicated faces.

Robin Wright in particular provides new material to her cold character, especially when confronting past turmoil in episode two. We also see a new side of Frank Underwood when it comes to the complex passion and love he has for Claire. It’s not rooted in anything apparently sexual, but it still contains the same mad devotion and loyalty you would expect from an honest-to-god romance.

Their dynamic alone is enough of a reason to tune in, but then you enter the subtle paradigms and nuances that litter the script, especially with new faces joining the cast in the form of Jackie, Frank’s hopeful replacement for Majority Whip. She is already shaping to be the next Frank Underwood in terms of her ruthlessness and ability to manipulate anyone, no matter how close they are to her.

What truly works for the script this time around is that it’s not choosing to rely too heavily on the sub-plot surrounding the conspiracy and suspicion around Frank Underwood. It’s there, and people are still catching on slowly, but the titular house of cards still feels pretty secure early in the season, which will be necessary if the script hopes to contain itself as we watch Frank Underwood continue his rise to power in the most corrupt way possible.

House of Cards Season 2? Definitely worth watching if you were at least amused at the first season. I would even go as far as to say that critics of the previous episodes may find something here that was missing before, as many good shows tend to mature for the better as they enter their second round.

And House of Cards is no exception.

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Are Hulu and Netflix the New ABC and NBC?

Image Courtesy of

Or Fox and CBS? Or CW and AMC? Okay, I’m going too far obviously, but my point is that the two streaming giants are making noticeable strides in becoming “real” networks, whatever that means.

Like pretty much every other millennial, I prefer Hulu to broadcast television and Netflix to renting movies. As a result, I’ve noticed Hulu and Netflix have been pushing original series that can only be seen on their platform (in the states at least).

When I first noticed this a couple of years ago, I presumed that they would only be able to afford miniseries with forgettable actors and web series, but they are proving me wrong with the release of these new shows that actually have a lot of recognizable talent.

Hulu, for example, is releasing three big shows this year. The first is an animated comedy series about superheroes who quit their jobs called The Awesomes. If the show has one thing going for it, it’s that Seth Meyers of SNL is the head writer and the teaser is pretty funny.

The next is a show Hulu is doing in partnership with BBC called The Wrong Mans. Family and friends of mine know that I am a huge fan of British television (if you haven’t watched Skins or Misfits, you are missing out), so this one is at the top of my to-do list. This is a dark comedy, of course, about friends who stumble upon a criminal conspiracy. The best part? It has James Corden. Check out the trailer.

They’re also coming out with a documentary about sports mascots. Read that sentence again.

Netflix is being even more ambitious with the release of Season 4 of Arrested Development this spring, which is really catering to their fan base (the connection being that Netflix users watch Arrested Development ALOT, myself included). They are also coming out with 5 other shows to debut this spring, such as Lilyhammers, House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Orange is the New Black.

Like I said, Hulu and Netflix are serious about original programming, hence they are pouring huge sums of money into this investment. Even Amazon Instant is joining in on the action with their own programming.

So, what does this mean? Will Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon eclipse the traditional format of broadcast television?

I say follow the money. Right now, the money is behind CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, etc. Unless streaming platforms gain the lobbying support of investors, major networks won’t go away, and streaming will be the next cable. It’s like how FX, TBS, AMC, and Comedy Central will never actually kill CBS. They’ll just be better.

Keep in mind, however, that the majority of shows being consumed on streaming platforms is produced by cable, with Hulu being the exception, just barely. Though the major networks have American Idol and The Big Bang Theory, streaming and cable have Breaking Bad.

So the future ultimately rests on the tastes of the masses. God help us.

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