The Pixar Detective: Chapter 25

chapter 25 pixar detective

Hey awesome readers! Your favorite band of Pixar universe-traversing heroes are BACK for another chapter of…well, you know.

We’re halfway through the final book of The Pixar Detective, which is certainly a bittersweet moment. Hopefully, the contents of this chapter will put you at ease, as it answers a few questions you guys have certainly been asking, though that just means there are more questions coming up!

Go on…The Pixar Detective: Chapter 25


The Pixar Detective: The Complete Part 2

Well, it’s definitely been a while!

But Kayla and I are back, and what better way to jump back into the swing of things than with the complete part 2 at your disposal?

There’s new artwork throughout, as well as a swift edit that hopefully makes the story as engaging as ever. Oh, and there’s this thing:

The Pixar Detective Part 2

Give it up for Kayla Savage!

We also have a pretty slick name for Part 2, which I think captures the heart of the story. Of course, you’ll have to read to find out what it is!

As always, you all have made writing this series completely worth it, but sadly, all good things must come to an end. Part 3 of the Pixar Detective will be its final entry. That said, we still have a long way to go! And we’re looking forward to making sure the story concludes in the best way possible.

Part 3 officially begins Tuesday, March 10 (less than two weeks from now). But in the meantime, consider this your refresher!


Click here to download Part 2 of The Pixar Detective (e-book)

Click here to download Part 2 of The Pixar Detective (PDF Version) 


The Pixar Detective: The Complete Part 1

The day has finally come. 5 months, 10 chapters, and over 200 pages later, we’ve arrived at the e-book release for Part 1 of The Pixar Detective.

Obviously, I couldn’t have done it without the irreplaceable Kayla Savage, our equally savage illustrator. She pulled in extra hours these past two weeks to give you guys a cover and a bunch of new sketches to fill the pages of this book.

pixar detective part 1 cover

And of course, we would have given up a long time ago if it wasn’t for all of the love and support you guys sent our way in the emails and comments since Chapter 1. You guys are truly the best, and you’ve made writing and drawing The Pixar Detective way more fun than it probably should be.

Also, we finally settled on a name for Part 1! I won’t spoil it here, but you’ll notice that we went ahead and combined a bunch of your suggestions into one! Thanks for your submissions, and we hope you’re up for doing the same as we move into Part 2.

So here is Part 1. It includes the first 10 chapters of the story (soon to be followed by the next 10, of course) but in e-book format. So now you can read and share the story in one document. We published this using iBooks, so you’ll notice that the animations, artwork, and design are ridiculously smooth and fun to look at.

chapter 1

Of course, I’ve provided a PDF format just in case you can’t view the iBooks version (but I strongly recommend you use the iBooks/e-book version. It looks amazing by comparison).


The Pixar Detective: Part 1 (e-book Version)

The Pixar Detective: Part 1 (PDF Version)


Ready for Part 2? Click here to check out the e-book and PDF version. 

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