There’s Already a Pokémon GO Dating Service

Like people, dating apps come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences. So that’s probably why it only took a couple of weeks for someone to turn what’s already a fun dating activity — catching Pokémon at the park — into Pokédates, an online dating service with the tagline: Gotta catch ’em all,


Snarcasm: The Mystery of Love Has Finally Been Solved

Each week on Snarcasm, I tackle the worst articles on the Internet. Isn’t it astounding how long it’s taken me to do an article from Elite Daily? The alleged “voice of Generation Y” lives up to that weird promise in a piece that’s all about love, baby doll. The ultimatum of clickbait

How Not To Date Your Best Friend

Is it love? Or is it unconditional love? You’ve been friends with this person for months, maybe years. Everyone tells you that the two of you are the next Harry and Sally, whatever that means. You’re attracted to how easy and fun your platonic relationship is with this person. And

Defining Courtship and Why Society Needs it Again

I published an article yesterday entitled “Why Every Relationship Needs Courtship,” with the hope that I would spark a conversation about what it means to partake in responsible romance. Want to know something interesting? I also expected the subject to be controversial and initially rejected by readers…but it didn’t.

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Relationships in College

College is like a big party where you spend time with several different people, some longer, some shorter. Post-college is when we realize just how awkward we were throughout.