Is Baby Driver Really All That Good? – Cinemaholics

Over July 4th weekend, I got together with the rest of the Cinemaholics crew to chat about Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver at length. For those of you who’ve already read my review, it should come as no surprise that I adored the film. But as always, Will and Maveryke provided some nuance of their own to whether or not this film is as good as the critics are saying.

We started off the show with a spirited discussion about Edgar Wright’s filmography and which ones are our favorites. And of course we spared some time later in the show to talk about some other big movies you might want to check out. We covered Despicable Me 3 and Okja, mainly, while also touching on my (finally) viewing of Captain Underpants and Maveryke’s current obsession with Bojack Horseman.

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Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Reviews — Cinemaholics

This week on Cinemaholics, I’m joined by special guest Kayleigh Donaldso, writer for ScreenRant and Pajiba. We talked about Wonder Woman, of course, and had a spirited discussion about the state of the DCEU and how we’d rank the movies so far.

Will Ashton was on the show as well to talk about Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, which I unfortunately had to miss this weekend. But I did get a chance to share my thoughts on the first season of Riverdale (finally), and Maveryke Hines tried to convince me to finally catch up on House of Cards now that Season 5 is out.

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The Pixar Detectives: Here’s Every Animated Movie Coming Out In 2017

This week, we Pixar Detectives (Jon Negroni and Kayla Savage) took a close look at the animated movies coming out in 2017, and our live audience helped us decide which movie to be most excited about!

To catch our show live (and win our weekly giveaways), be sure to tune in to Super News on Facebook every Wednesday at 7:00 P.M. Pacific Time.

Thanks for watching, and here are all of the movies we talked about:

  1. The Boss Baby – March 31
  2. Lego Batman Movie – February 10
  3. Despicable Me 3 – June 30
  4. Cars 3 – June 16
  5. Coco – November 22
  6. The Emoji Movie – August 4
  7. Captain Underpants – June 1
  8. Blazing Samurai – August 25
  9. The Nut Job 2 – August 18
  10. The Lego Ninjago Movie – September 22
  11. Animal Crackers – January 13

Enjoy the show! And if you have any suggestions for future episodes and prizes, please let us know in the comments below.

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