The Pixar Detectives: Here’s Every Animated Movie Coming Out In 2017

This week, we Pixar Detectives (Jon Negroni and Kayla Savage) took a close look at the animated movies coming out in 2017, and our live audience helped us decide which movie to be most excited about!

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Thanks for watching, and here are all of the movies we talked about:

  1. The Boss Baby – March 31
  2. Lego Batman Movie – February 10
  3. Despicable Me 3 – June 30
  4. Cars 3 – June 16
  5. Coco – November 22
  6. The Emoji Movie – August 4
  7. Captain Underpants – June 1
  8. Blazing Samurai – August 25
  9. The Nut Job 2 – August 18
  10. The Lego Ninjago Movie – September 22
  11. Animal Crackers – January 13

Enjoy the show! And if you have any suggestions for future episodes and prizes, please let us know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “The Pixar Detectives: Here’s Every Animated Movie Coming Out In 2017

  1. Wait a second! There’s gona be a captain underpants movie !!!!

  2. The Boss Baby-
    Lego Batman Movie-
    Despicable Me 3-
    Cars 3-
    The Emoji Movie-
    Capt. Underpants-
    Blazing Samurai-
    The Nut Job 2-
    Lego Ninjago Movie-
    Animal Crackers-

    Great show guys, please do continue to post these here.

    I’m definitely interested in Coco, but really want to see a trailer to get a feel for it.
    The original Cars is actually one of my favorite Pixar movies, while Cars 2 is MUCH lower. The animation looks great, this is the animated film I’m most looking forward to.
    The Lego Batman Movie looks great, I feel confident it will live up to the excellence of the Lego Movie, this also at the top of my list.
    All the rest, I don’t really feel. Boss Baby and Animal cracker sound good, but the rest seem rather pointless.

    P. S. I love the design of your shirt Kayla.

  3. Early opinions about these movies. These are exclusively mine and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else in these comments or Jon Negroni’s, who has different opinions.

    The Boss Baby – All I can think of about this movie is Alec Baldwin, SNL, and Donald Trump
    Lego Batman Movie – A guaranteed hit. That is all I can say about this movie without being biased and praising/condemning DC and/or Marvel.
    Despicable Me 3 – I loved Despicable Me 1 and 2 and had a good opinion of Minions, so I would like this movie too.
    Cars 3 – A Pixar Movie. Promising concept, but I need more than a teaser teasing a crash in order to convince me because of its … reputation.
    Coco – A Pixar Movie. A guaranteed hit. Also the last original movie in some time. I sense a new set of Pixar Detective Novels coming up…
    The Emoji Movie – I saw some things about this movie. People hate it already. My favorite reaction is a tweet hoping that North Korea hacks the movie.
    Captain Underpants – I used to love the Captain Underpants books when I was a kid.
    Blazing Samurai – An original movie. I have decent hopes about it until I saw the poster.
    The Nut Job 2 – BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    The Lego Ninjago Movie – LEGO Ninjago. I heard of the brand and only saw one or two episodes of some of the early cartoon. I only know about the first incarnations.
    Animal Crackers – I have no hope for this movie.

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