Now You See Me Conjuring Warcraft

now you see me conjuring warcraft

This week on Now Conspiring (that other movie podcast), we talk about our impressions after seeing The Conjuring 2Now You See Me 2, and Warcraft…one.

We also dig deep into some heavy movie news, trying to make up for missing you guys last week. Consider it our version of an “apology.”

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Who is an actor you like right now that you used to hate?

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If Marvel Makes a Female ‘Teen Titans,’ This Should Be The Epic Lineup

I love it when Marvel creates new and interesting female characters that represent a twist in established universes. In recent years, they’ve written some incredible stories with these new superheroes (and villains). And this year, Marvel announced an all-star team up of heroines led by She-Hulk. The core lineup consists  of Dazzler,