How Not To Date Your Best Friend

Is it love? Or is it unconditional love? You’ve been friends with this person for months, maybe years. Everyone tells you that the two of you are the next Harry and Sally, whatever that means. You’re attracted to how easy and fun your platonic relationship is with this person. And


Defining Courtship and Why Society Needs it Again

I published an article yesterday entitled “Why Every Relationship Needs Courtship,” with the hope that I would spark a conversation about what it means to partake in responsible romance. Want to know something interesting? I also expected the subject to be controversial and initially rejected by readers…but it didn’t.

When Tragedy Strikes

Don’t stop. I did, and I regret every minute of it. I let the hunger for success wane because something got in my way. The people with real ambition and drive will only come back stronger when they lose everything. It’s like how you begin a story or role-playing game