Disney Plus vs HBO Max: Which Streaming Service Will Dominate 2021?

Look, I try to stay away from the prediction game for obvious reasons (I’m usually wrong). But in my latest Jon In Theory live stream, I get to the heart of some major changes we’re about to see with streaming services in 2021. And it really comes down to the success, failure, or something in-between for both Disney Plus and HBO Max.

Enjoy the live stream, and don’t forget to ring the bell on YouTube so you can be notified right away when I’m going live. I love having you all in the live chat so I can answer your questions and say hey. And if you ask questions in this post or on there, or anywhere, I might be able to consider the topic for a future video.

8 thoughts on “Disney Plus vs HBO Max: Which Streaming Service Will Dominate 2021?

  1. In this article, I go deep into the phrazle fundamental shifts in the streaming industry that will occur in 2021. The fate of Disney Plus and HBO Max rests on their respective successes or failures.

  2. For reasons that should be obvious, I avoid participating in games that involve making predictions.

  3. For reasons that should be obvious, I do my best to avoid playing the prediction game basket random.

  4. I make it a point to steer clear of activities that involve making predictions for the reasons that are evident.

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