‘Soul’ Had a Much Darker Ending? Here’s Why Pixar Changed It.

These live streams have been such a fun way to cover Soul in more detail as it continues to reach a bigger audience on Disney Plus. For that reason, I decided to dig into the alternative ending of the film, which was actually a bit darker. But was it for the better? Check out my live stream above to find out what you think, and be sure to provide your two cents in the comments. I really want to hear what you all have to say.

As you can imagine, the video contains massive spoilers for Soul, so you’ve been warned. If you want to know when I’m going live ahead of time, follow my YouTube Channel Jon In Theory. Ring the bell for notifications, so you’ll find out when my next live stream is scheduled. I hope to see you all in the live chat, where I can answer any and all questions in real-time.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping 2021 is a better one.

2 thoughts on “‘Soul’ Had a Much Darker Ending? Here’s Why Pixar Changed It.

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