‘Soul’ Theory: Does 22 Become Riley From ‘Inside Out’? (No)

WARNING: Spoilers for Pixar’s Soul

Yesterday, I did a longer stream covering some of the critical backlash to Soul, which you can check out here. And toward the end, someone in the live chat asked me if I think 22 (voiced by Tina Fey in Soul) might’ve become Riley from Inside Out after being born. So today I decided to devote a full live stream to covering this theory, which apparently debuted on Reddit and/or Twitter. I cover some of the arguments being made for the theory, and then dive into the reasons I think this one just doesn’t work at all. Plus, some positive speculation on who 22 could reasonably be tied to down the road.

Toward the end of the stream, I lightly touch on some early thoughts I have about how Soul fits into the overall theory. Plus, I go over the three “types” of fan theories that are out there. Hope you all enjoy this one.

4 thoughts on “‘Soul’ Theory: Does 22 Become Riley From ‘Inside Out’? (No)

  1. What year willInside Out take place in your Pixar theory book? You said 2015.

    • I like Pixar theory book

  2. What year does Inside Out take place in the Pixar timeline. I am not sure.

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