How Bo Peep Became a Great Role Model For Young Girls in ‘Toy Story 4’

From  Alexandria Ingham, writing for Hidden Remote:

Throughout the movie, we watched Bo take charge. She gave orders, figured out solutions, and looked out for herself and others. There was still the story of lost love, but she didn’t just follow her heart. Bo proved that you can be smart, adventurous, and caring all at the same time — and these are all positive traits in a young girl.

In the lead up to Toy Story 4, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the writing for Bo Peep, a character who had been relegated to the background in previous films, now elevated to a major role in what is essentially a romantic comedy starring her and Woody.

Ingham perfectly outlines the core traits that bring out the best in this previously underwritten character, without making her feel like a totally different entity. This is still Bo Peep, voiced by Annie Potts. She’s just grown up a bit, as have we.

While Woody and the gang had been so fearful of being lost toys, Bo found a freedom within it. There was excitement, and she shared all about the fun of the adventure. She offered this message that it’s okay to step out of the nest. It’s scary, sure, but there are so many reasons to head out and explore. You’re missing more by restricting yourself.

You can read Ingham’s full piece here.

Do you think Bo Peep is a good role model for girls (and boys?)

3 thoughts on “How Bo Peep Became a Great Role Model For Young Girls in ‘Toy Story 4’

  1. That was the best ever film I have watched in recent times, thanks for the listing and detailed review about my favourite.

  2. Bo is not a role model.
    Here’s the many reasons why:
    She treats Woody like garbage for no apparent reason. She straight up calls him an accessory. She left him, twice, but he loves her, so he stays with her. But she does not love him back. She doesn’t give a crap about him.
    She’s cold-hearted, when her arm fell off, Woody screamed in shock, only for Bo to laugh in his face, were our poor sheriff is shaking like a leaf.
    She’s a Mary-Sue, all she does is act ~perfect~ in everything she does. She has these ninja moves and stuff, and they’re not necessary. Does everything have to look perfect to appeal to young girls? I’m a little girl, but my favorite character is Rex, who is not perfect, is self loathing, and a neurotic. Like me. No-one’s perfect. Not even women.
    She’s selfish. If Bo was truly kind, she would have accepted to help Woody immediately. Not acting like a stubborn child.
    People say Bo is like this because she’s been through some tough stuff, but I watched Lamp Life, a show about her, but it was utter bull crap.
    She was giving to two kids, who fought over her, but not violently, they knew they had to be gentle. They weren’t Sid.
    But then they accidentally set off a fire, so she gets sold off. Too someone who may not pay attention to her, but does not treat her like garbage.
    She runs away, only to run into the Antique Store.
    She doesn’t like it there, so she tried to set the alarms on fire.
    Yes, you heard me. She attempts arson.
    The police come, it’s that bad.
    And all she’s worried about is her sheep.
    If she wasn’t a Mary-Sue, toys would’ve died, people would’ve died. I know this is a cartoon, but c’mon, a FIRE?
    I wouldn’t aspire to be like Bo Peep.. Unless I wanted no friends, a bad temper, zero social skills and a criminal record.

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