It’s showtime.

It’s been a while, so I apologize for the silence (unless you follow me on Twitter, where silence isn’t exactly a feature). I took a temporary break from updating for a few important reasons. Below are just a few.

First, I’ve been hard at work developing another site: This is the new one-stop shop for the podcast I do with Will Ashton, plus all my newest film reviews. You’ll notice that episodes of the show have migrated to that site for the sake of simplicity, with an exception or two, of course.

Second, I’ve been working on two books, which have been demanding a sizable chunk of my time. The first is Vainguard, which is in the final stages of publication. But there’s also a new and improved edition of The Pixar Theory, which will be bigger and better than ever. A lot of you have reached out to me about not being able to get your hands on a physical copy for some time. I haven’t been able to personally update all of you on this, but the short version is that the book is transitioning to a new publisher and will be drastically different (and improved, of course). Sorry for the wait, but I promise it will be worth it.

Last, I’ve been wondering how to shift this website into something truly useful for lovers of Pixar and fandom in general. You’ll notice that this latest design strips away the clutter of the sidebars and will be more type-focused than ever. I’ve also opted for an easier color scheme on the eyes. This has taken a lot of time, trial, and error to finalize, so I’m hoping the effort pays off and you find this blog to be a joy to read.

Moving forward, this will be a blog in the very traditional sense. Lots of me speaking matter-of-factly about Pixar and animation in general, either reacting to news or doing the occasional editorial. Maybe even videos if time permits. Please send me a comment below if you have suggestions for content you want to see, and I’ll look into it as soon as possible.

For now, I’m excited to be back. It’s been too long, and we have an infinity of things to talk about, and beyond.

14 thoughts on “It’s showtime.

  1. Hi Jon..I’ve been trying to find a copy of the pixar theory to purchase. Where can i get a copy?

    • Unfortunately, the book is currently unavailable because the original publisher went out of business. I’m currently working with a new publisher to rerelease the book in a way that’s even better than before (more movies, for example!) Once it’s out, you should be able to get your hands on a physical copy at your local bookstore or on Amazon. Sorry for how inconvenient this is!

  2. It’s good to see you back to writing. Congrats on the book! Keep us updated on when that one comes out.

    • Will do! Sorry in advance for how weird it is.

  3. I’d love to see a ranking of Pixar movies and maybe another for the Pixar shorts 😊💕

  4. Hey Jon,

    Just a thought for the website…

    When you scroll down, the bar at the top follows you downwards, but the “JON NEGRONI” logo that also serves as a shortcut to the home page goes away. I think you should slide everything over a bit, or maybe move some things to the three bars on the far right and put the Luxo Ball/Pixar Ball on the far left to serve as a redirect back to the home page. Just a suggestion! Love the redesign.



    • That’s a great suggestion! There’s actually a way for me to include the logo in the menu bar, but it was distorting upon scroll so I took it out. But the idea to make it a Luxo ball for the shortcut could be a brilliant solution. I’ll try it out and see if that works, thanks!

      • Thanks for adding it!

        • Thanks again for recommending! I’m absolutely loving the addition.

  5. Chances are you have been asked this a bazillion times, but… has any member of the Pixar crew contacted you?

    • No, I’ve always been contacted by publicists. Pixar employees are too busy to get in touch with someone like me! But I have had the wonderful opportunity to have long conversations with Pixar creatives, once at Pixar headquarters even!

  6. You never should have turned that stupid Pixar Theory into a book. You were never supposed to profit off of it and the whole “fan theory” thing was never supposed to exist!

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