Maniac and Smallfoot Review – Cinemaholics Episode #84


We had a packed show this week. First we reviewed Maniac, the new Netflix limited series starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. We also reviewed the new animated film Smallfoot, and right before that you’ll hear my interview with Karey Kirkpatrick, the director of the film. For mini reviews, we also covered The Hate U GiveHell Fest, Night School, and more.

Next week: We’re planning on doing a double feature of Venom and A Star is Born. Help us decide which review comes first by voicing your opinion in the comments. You can also become a patron and vote in our poll.


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10 thoughts on “Maniac and Smallfoot Review – Cinemaholics Episode #84

  1. My new ringtone is Maveryke screaming AMERICA!

  2. I liked Smallfoot a lot. I’m surprised to see Will only give it a “C.”

  3. MANIAC was really good. I binged the whole season after listening to this episode on Sunday. I found it to be bizarre and beautifully constructed, while also cold and somewhat restrained in parts to Will’s points. I’m a strong B on this one.

  4. Drink whenever Will Ashton gives his disappointment “hm”

      • It’s Will Ashton! I think! Great to have you here, wow. Quick question while I have you; if you had to pick just one streaming service out there and your main goal is to watch movies, what would you pick?

        • Yep, it’s me! I forgot that I changed my name on Twitter for Halloween.

          To answer your question, if you’re looking for films alone, I would probably go with FilmStruck. They have a great selection of film titles, including a number of classics, although they don’t carry many new titles. If you’re looking for some modern films, I might go with Amazon. They seem to have a wealth of new films, including several acclaimed indies, under their belt. Netflix is the best for television, and I don’t know know much about Hulu, admittedly. Anyway, I hope that helps and thanks for listening.

  5. Recently watched it. Smallfoot it pretty awesome series. Want to watch all episodes.

  6. Jon: John Mulaney
    Will: Kyle Mooney
    Maverick: Beck Bennett

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