The Predator Review – Cinemaholics Episode #82


Franchise, franchise, franchise! The Predator aims to be a revival of the late 80s action franchise continued by a direct sequel, two spin-off crossovers, and a previous attempt at reigniting the hunt. Directed and co-written by Shane Black (who appeared in the first Predator), this latest imagining of the alien horrors is an action horror…comedy? On Cinemaholics this week, I discuss how that works with Will Ashton of Cinemablend and Maveryke Hines, our sound producer.

Mini reviews this week include A Simple FavorBojack Horseman Season 5, White Boy RickThe NunPeppermint, Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, Iron Fist Season 2, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1, and The Dragon Prince Season 1.

Next week: Should we review The House with a Clock in its Walls or Life Itself? Let us know which you’d prefer in the comments!

We also have a big announcement…

From this point on, Cinemaholics is an independent podcast! We have recently parted ways with our partner website, We Got This Covered as their official podcast. Listen to this week’s episode to get the full story behind this decision and what it means for the show. We promise it’s all for the best and will lead to bigger, better directions for Cinemaholics moving forward.


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8 thoughts on “The Predator Review – Cinemaholics Episode #82

  1. Great episode! Honestly Cinemaholics has always felt like an indie podcast to me, as someone who’s been listening since the Last Jedi episode. None of you seem to write for We Got This anymore, anyway, and the few times I’ve gone to that site to find your reviews, I always end up back here. Good luck with doing your own thing!

  2. The Predator was total garbage. 4/10

  3. Honestly I’d like to hear reviews for both movies, but I have a feeling Life Itself would be more fun to hear about for 20 minutes than the Clock one.

  4. When’s the Q & A episode?

    • We’re figuring out the date to release it, but it’s recorded and we’re looking to put it out soon. My best guess would be sometime next week, so stay tuned!

  5. Have you guys ever thought of doing a live chat for your episodes, like on Discord?

    • We’ve talked about it before, yeah. Maybe not with Discord, but we have certainly thought about doing with YouTube. I don’t know if that’s something we’re hoping to explore at this time; Jon would have a better idea of when that would even be possible for us. But it’s certainly something that has come up in conversation before.

  6. Definitely House with a Clock In Its Walls

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