This New ‘Incredibles 2’ Short Film Is About Edna and Jack Jack

auntie edna

Yesterday on Twitter, Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird teased the release of a new short film that will reveal what took place the night Edna Mode babysat Jack Jack.

Fans of the movie should remember about midway through the film, a weary Mr. Incredible handed Jack Jack off to an unassuming Edna Mode for a night off, only to find both characters in transformed spirits the morning after. So…what happened?

From Brad Bird himself:

As Bird mentions, the short was directed by Ted Mathot, a longtime Pixar creative who has worked on a large number of animated productions, going all the way back to Rugrats, The Simpsons, and Ren & Stimpy. His first stint with Pixar and Brad Bird was as a story artist on the first Incredibles. He also worked on CarsRatatouilleWALL-EBrave, and Finding Dory. But to my knowledge, Incredibles 2 is the first film he’s served as story supervisor (though he did write Presto, the 2008 short film).

While this short film is not a huge surprise to many, it’s certainly one I’m excited about. Jack Jack Attack was a highlight of the first Incredibles, and we can probably expect Auntie Edna to capture the same inventive slapstick that made the character so memorable despite having a limited role. Of course, we got way more Jack Jack in Incredibles 2, so I’m really looking forward to how the endlessly super-powered Jack of all trades contends with the stylish problem solver, Edna Mode.

Auntie Edna will be packaged with Incredibles 2, releasing Digital-only on October 23 and Blu-Ray on November 6th.

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4 thoughts on “This New ‘Incredibles 2’ Short Film Is About Edna and Jack Jack

  1. I knew they were doing this! So glad it’s finally coming out.

  2. I’m surprised Ted Mathot didn’t work on Jack Jack Attack.

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