Some of the Best Pixar Video Essays You Can Watch Right Now

From Will DiGravio at Film School Rejects:

If you’re reading this website, or live on this planet, I don’t need to explain to you why Pixar is worthy of its own video essay guide. In fact, I am probably doing Pixar and its body of work a disservice by lumping them all into one guide. All I will say is: Here are five video essays about Pixar you should watch.

Will’s list is wonderful (and his previous video essay guide for “your favorite cartoons” is also worth a look).

There’s a lot in these videos some of you super fans will no doubt have heard before, like how Pixar uses music to make us cry, or how the animation studio pays homage to classic films.

Will even includes a fantastic Inside Out essay by Lessons from the Screenplay, a channel I’ve frequently linked to on this blog. If you’re just getting started with some of the better film essays available right now, Michael Tucker’s body of work is a perfect entry point.

For my own contribution, I recommend Morr Meroz’s Pixar: The Story Behind the Studio, a 12-minute video essay that dives into the studio’s tumultuous history and explains how Pixar became Pixar.

Enjoy the essays, and if there any you’d like to recommend in addition to Will’s guide, let your fellow Pixar fans know in the comments.

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  1. Love this. You should do a video essay for Pixar on Jon in Theory.

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