Incredibles 2 Review: Not Every Pixar Movie Can Be Super

incredibles 2

From my official review of Incredibles 2 on The Young Folks:

These are the clearest shortcomings of Incredibles 2, as it fails to be as strong an ensemble piece as The Incredibles, where every main character (even the villain) had a defined, cohesive arc. But in virtually every other respect, Incredibles 2 is just as wonderful, gorgeous, and thrilling as the first, to the point where most super fans of the original likely won’t care about these flaws.

Overall, I liked the movie. It even exceeded some of my expectations, particularly with some of the clever writing surrounding the infant Jack Jack and how he creatively factors into the super family’s heroic antics.

It’s impossible not to hold Incredibles 2 up to an impossible standard. The first film was truly brilliant as a standalone subversion of superhero films long before the genre really found its footing. It will likely go down as an American classic, let alone one of our best animated films ever. The sequel doesn’t even try to live up to those aspirations any further than simply offering a follow-up equal in entertainment value, if not thematic value.

Thankfully, entertainment is enough for most of us. Not every Pixar movie needs to be “super” in its storytelling, though this wasn’t always the case. I have my eyes more firmly set on Pixar’s upcoming run of four back-to-back original films. Who knows if they’ll truly pan out with those suggested release dates, but I’m certainly hopeful we can see another cinematic run rivaling the 2000-2010 years.

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6 thoughts on “Incredibles 2 Review: Not Every Pixar Movie Can Be Super

    • Yeah…a little weird, but it comes together.

  1. Incredibles 2 is giving me Pixar Detective vibes for some reason.

  2. Incredibles 2 is giving me Pixar Detective vibes for some reason

  3. despite its slight flaws, still found it hugely entertaining, and that works in its benefit.
    Can’t get over the similarity to Civil War tho.

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