Cinemaholics Podcast Review: Tully


Tully, directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody, the duo behind Juno and Young Adult. This new comedy-drama film about motherhood stars Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Ron Livingston, and Mark Duplass. And it’s definitely one worth watching.

For mini reviews, we covered a pretty diverse list of new releases, many of them on Netflix. There’s John Mulaney’s new comedy special on Netflix, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, which is already making some headlines for its pervasive political humor. Dear White People just dropped its second season on Netflix, and in this episode I lay out my case for why you should get caught all the way up on this biting, wickedly smart show.

Our guest Abby just watched the new Howard’s End mini series (which is about to hit Amazon streaming), based on the 90s film of the same name. Will saw the new Adam Sandler movie The Week Of on Netflix and calls it the best of the Sandler-Netflix movies (not counting Meyerowitz Stories). And I finished the show out with a mini review for RBG, a new documentary about the life and career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, which is premiered at Sundance.

Question for you: What should we review and/or talk about on the show next week? There aren’t a lot of major releases, so any ideas are welcome! Next week’s wide releases include Breaking In and The Life of The Party.


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5 thoughts on “Cinemaholics Podcast Review: Tully

  1. I know an episode like this doesn’t bring in a lot of attention like the bigger movies, but I seriously appreciate you guys taking the time to review films like Tully once in a while. These are usually your best episodes and I really like this guest critic. For next week, I have no interest whatsoever in either of the wide releases and I’m barely interested in that Mike Meyers limited release. You already did a summer preview, so why not a Q&A or fan mail episode?

  2. Funny thing, I’ve been way behind on Cinemaholics…I think the last episode I listened to was Black Panther XD – but yes, I have an idea for your episode next week. You should do your own version of Movie Fights. Pick a topic and battle it out. I’d so be down for it and we could vote for the “winner” in the comments. Or maybe you guys have a judge or something. Just a thought!

  3. Great review. Abby Olcese did a great job as guest too. I’m sort of interested in Breaking In, but I understand why you may not want to go two weeks in a row without a blockbuster review. That said I would love to see an Unpopular Opinion episode, where you guys talk about some of your contrarian positions on movies you like, dislike, or anything else in that regard.

  4. I think a review of Life of the Party would be fun.

  5. I saw Tully as well this week and totally cheered when I saw that you all did a review 🙂

    Let’s talk about Abby. I REALLY enjoyed Abby’s take on Tully. She definitely caught some things I didn’t on first viewing. I would love to hear her on the show again.

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