Cinemaholics Podcast: Summer Movie Preview 2018

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The next few months promise a lot of big and small delights at the theater, so we decided to preview 2018 summer movies on Cinemaholics, noting our most anticipated films from May through August. From Incredibles 2 to Deadpool 2, there are plenty of blockbusters to get excited about, but to be honest, a lot of our picks happen to be smaller flicks this year that we seriously can’t wait to see.

Special guest Sam Noland joined us to help unpack the summer, and we started with some listener emails and light discussion about how our letter grade system “works” and where we stand on theater experiences versus staying at home to watch a movie. Toward the end of the show, we went through a few Mini Reviews, tackling I Feel PrettySuper Troopers 2, and The Endless.

Question for you: What are your Top 3 most anticipated summer movies?


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9 thoughts on “Cinemaholics Podcast: Summer Movie Preview 2018

  1. The only movie I’m looking forward to is Hereditary! The sound master is right on.

  2. Ok top my top 3 of this summer has to be 1. Deadpool, 2. The incredibles, and 3. Ant man and the wasp.
    However they are all sequels so could let us down immensely.

    • I’ve seen the new Ant-Man trailer probably a dozen times and enjoyed the first one but I can’t seem to feel excited about this new one…

      • I don’t know about Benson, but I’m excited about the new Ant-Man because it’s going to hopefully be unlike anything else in the MCU, similar to the first one. We haven’t seen compelling trailers for it yet because Avengers Infinity War is the movie they’re focusing on for now. So I’m hoping for the best and will have a better opinion when the real trailers start coming later.

  3. I didn’t like the letter grades at first honestly (reminded me too much of Chris Stuckmann), but I’ve come around because this show at least has a consistent use for them. You guys rarely give out As, which I think helps to cut through the noise when you genuinely love something. Hell, I’m pretty sure even though you all loved Brigsby Bear, maybe only Will gave it an A? Can’t remember.

    • I don’t think Jon and Maveryke gave letter grades for Brigsby Bear on the show, if I recall correctly. I’m the only one who saw it in theaters, so I covered it in mini reviews, and I believe I gave it an A- at the time. That said, I’m pretty sure they were both in the B+/A- range, but I don’t want to speak out of term. You’ll have to check with them and see.

    • I dont remember whether or not I gave it an official Letter grade on the show, but as of right now its a solid A for me. Love that movie a ton!

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