Cinemaholics Review: A Quiet Place and Blockers

quiet place

Special guest Rebecca Pahle came on the show this week to help us break the silence on A Quiet Place, a new horror film that’s impressing at the box office and earned an A- from me in my review. Directed by perennial camera-shrugger John Krasinski (AKA Jim Halpert and that guy you actually recognize in the indie movie you’re watching), A Quiet Place is sure to take some moviegoers by surprise with its tense, emotional storytelling, and with Krasinski starring alongside real-life wife Emily Blunt, it’s safe to say this is a film worth talking loudly about.

Later in the show, we reviewed Blockers, a new teen comedy starring Leslie Mann, John Cena, and Ike Barinholtz. I shared my thoughts on King in the Wilderness, a new Martin Luther King Jr. documentary on HBO. Will finally saw Isle of Dogs and Unsane. And Maveryke caught Wind River, a 2017 movie that just hit Netflix streaming.

Question for you: How would you survive in a world where you can’t make a sound?


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7 thoughts on “Cinemaholics Review: A Quiet Place and Blockers

  1. If I couldn’t make a sound, I’d probably flock to a soundproof recording studio or something.

  2. I’m guessing I should see Quiet Place over Blockers? LIstening now…

  3. I don’t get why they didn’t go underground?

  4. Ok this is going to be a long reply. So long you could make a spin-off movie about it.

    As soon as I discover that these “aliens” for lack of a definitive word, move by detection of sound, this means that any sound is now an ally for a distraction.
    Granted living my day to day life will be frustrating, but if I have allies to help with my plan then we could round up and slaughter dozens of these again “aliens” for lack of a better word.

    Firstly I’m going to need a sharpshooter, someone who can carry a large sniper rifle to watch my six, then we need to find a town with a ring road either around it or within it, next we look for the fastest super car in the town, if there is one, a quick google could tell you what the fast car in that town might be, but we don’t start it yet, obviously.

    Next we clear the ring road of obstructions so that our super car has a clear oval track to fully speed down. Then we manoeuvre our fastest car in town onto the road, and start it up! If it’s not loud enough the driver will have to turn the radio up full blast. But while they are tearing up our newly made oval circuit, everyone else is on to phase two: preparing traps.

    Find some barb wire or string and nails if you have to and when it is between to lamp posts, some way of making it taut, so that when our fast car goes past, it ok but our foreign visitors are not. Also lace this thing in as much flammable liquid as you can get your hands on and maybe splash it around the street for good measure. When that car passes the nails and barb wire, those things will be caught like Joey was in War Horse when he ran across no mans land. Light a match and enjoy the bonfire!

    The moral of this story is that aliens might be heartless terrifying monsters, but we humans are so much more menacing.

  5. Damn you guys are just getting better and better guests. Rebecca Pahle is lit.

  6. Yes! Love Rebecca Pahle! Also are you guys doing a Marvel movie breakdown at some point?

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