Cinemaholics Review: Annihilation and Game Night


I’m still reeling from the experience of watching Annihilation in the theater, and I’m about equally pleased with the discussion that came out of this film with my cohosts Will Ashton and Maveryke Hines. In this episode, we spent a good amount of time unpacking the good, bad, and stellar Annihilation has to offer, and I suspect we’ll be revisiting this conversation throughout the rest of the year.

But that wasn’t the only movie we had some fun with this week. After a half-hearted review of the new Netflix movie, Mute, we got to an extended Mini Review of Game Night, a new studio comedy I find myself effortlessly recommending. And the box office agrees too, which put Game Night at #2 for the weekend behind Black Panther, which is continuing its gargantuan run across the world.

During Mini Reviews, we also had a brief discussion about Netflix original films. Between BrightCloverfield Paradox, and Mute, it seems Netflix is having a rough time pleasing critics despite their success with original shows. So that leads to our question for you all.

Which Netflix original film is your favorite? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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11 thoughts on “Cinemaholics Review: Annihilation and Game Night

  1. Gonna have to go with my man William Tyler on this one and say I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore. I totally get why Jon and some others don’t dig it as much, but they’re wrong so that’s cool.

  2. I wish 1922 and Gerald’s Game got more attention as great Netflix original films. I know you guys talked about them on the podcast, but that was a rarity.

    • 1922 is especially being overlooked, and that’s a shame. It’s a quality movie.

  3. Annihilation was so trippy, I think i need to see 10 more times to fully understand it.

  4. None of the Netflix original films have reached the “A” grade in my opinion. Okja and Meyerowitz probably come closest, and I agree with Will that Beasts of No Nation shouldn’t count.

  5. Okja is the best in my opinion. It’s the most original in my opinion, and who can forget that Jake Gyllenhaal performance?

  6. Gerald’s Game for sure. Also I loved Game Night!

  7. I loved Annihilation I have no idea why some people aren’t liking it.

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