Cinemaholics Review: Black Panther

Black Panther

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off Season 2 of Cinemaholics than to dive into Black Panther, one of the most hyped movies of the year and yet another huge hit for Marvel and Disney. I’m sure most of you had gotten a taste for how gargantuan this movie has become in the last few months, but putting aside all the hype, I had a great conversation about Black Panther with cohosts Will Ashton, Maveryke Hines, and special guest Adonis Gonzalez (yes, it’s a Now Conspiring reunion!)

A highlight of the episode is probably the heated discussion about Early Man between me and Will Ashton, and by heated I mean meteoric. And we’ve got some other mini reviews to get to that deserve to be on your radar: The RitualGame Night (which we’ll be probably talk more about in the coming weeks), Tamborine, and  the new video game Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Question for you: Would you like to hear a bonus episode for Black Panther with spoilers? If so, who would you like us to bring on as a guest?


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9 thoughts on “Cinemaholics Review: Black Panther

  1. I’d love to hear a Black Panther spoiler episode with Kimber Meyers!

  2. I just started listening to Cinemaholics. I love what you guys are doing so please keep it up!

  3. Black Panther is one of the best movies ever made. One of my favorite parts was M’Baku, who really surprised me as a side character with such a surprising arc. The sequel is gonna be blazing fire.

  4. Black Panther was ok, not great not bad. I’d love to hear more thoughts in a spoiler episode, especially if it can address some of the more negative reviews out there.

  5. The villain was good, but I thought Black Panther was terrible in every other way.

  6. I found myself nodding along with Jon the most during this episode. I think he’s usually the best voice when it comes to these superhero, comic book, adventure movies. Maverick is good with the horror stuff. Will is good with the weird gems. I have no idea about Adonis but he’s cool.

  7. I’ve heard of both TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

  8. I love the way that Black Panther was a story about an entire nation. I really appreciate how it’s more about a nation fighting amongst itself than it is about the world ending. It also involves the actions of the past coming back to haunt somebody years later, and how prejudices are arbitrarily carried down through generations, both of which are now common themes in Ryan Coogler’s filmography. I’m not an MCU fan, but I’m definitely a fan of this movie, and I’m excited to see the story of Wakanda continue.

  9. I’d love a spoiler episode for Black Panther. You guys didn’t even get into costumes and stuff really.

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