Cinemaholics: Sundance Film Festival 2018 Breakdown


It’s the 50th episode of Cinemaholics, and to celebrate, we invited special guest Alex Billington of to talk about all things Sundance. The iconic festival has been home to countless great movies over the years, but it’s almost impossible to see all of them. Fortunately, we manage to talk about a good number of good flicks, including The TaleAssassination NationWon’t You Be My NeighborTully, Bodied, and plenty more.

Question for you: We have a lot of movies to pick from for this coming week to be our featured review. Let us know what you would rather hear a review for: Peter RabbitThe 15:17 to ParisFifty Shades Freed, or The Cloverfield Paradox?


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12 thoughts on “Cinemaholics: Sundance Film Festival 2018 Breakdown

  1. Put me down for Cloverfield. I remember Jon reviewing this on Now Conspiring, so it would be cool to hear what William Tyler and Dad think of the franchise.

    • Do you mean 10 Cloverfield Lane?

  2. I just saw the new Cloverfield and am pretty curiuous to hear what you all think. But let’s not just PRETEND Peter Rabbit didn’t come out this week.

  3. Hey all, great episode! I’ve never been to Sundance so this was a godsend. Hope you guys talk about Cloverfield, but have you also talked about Call Me By Your Name yet?

  4. This was one of your best episodes yet and further proof you guys have surpassed the slashfilmcast (which I still like). The fact that you did a whole Sundance episode and it was this entertianing was brilliaint, especially with Alex B involved!

    • I’m a former slashfilmcast listener and I couldn’t agree more. I’m guessing you’re still listening, so just curious how is the show these days? I left a while back sometime around when this podcast was just getting started. I think it was their Silence review that really put me over the top.

      • You know it’s actually gotten somewhat better lately because they brought Kristy Puchko on full time (sort of?) and she’s a breath of fresh air. Although their Phantom Thread review was mostly ridiculous. They went a couple months without David Chen which was hit or miss. Idk, it’s still fine and worth listening to if you’ve got the time, but Cinemaholics has definitely moved pass them in my opinion.

        • Oh, gotcha. Yeah the slashfilmcast just got so boring for me. Nothing against any of the hosts, I just think Cinemaholics has way better insight and a better balance of hosts.

          • Ok so this discussion is finally happening. *Ahem*. I think Cinemaholics and /Filmcast are easily on the same playing field at this point (although Cinemaholics is clearly the younger upstart underdog, not just because Jon and company are a younger generation). I don’t think it’s a coincidence that JWM have structured episodes of Cinemaholics kind of opposite of DDJ. They start with a featured review *then* their version of “What we’ve been watching.” Personally, I prefer the latter about half the time depending on the movie, so I’m good with this.

            That said, /Filmcast honestly has slightly better chemistry between hosts, but that’s not JWM’s fault. They’ve only been doing this together for what, a year now? /Filmcast has built up over a decade so their give and take tends to be pretty natural. That said, I’ll take Will Ashton’s brand of film criticism over any host of /Filmcast. Period. I think Jon is exactly on par with David Chen, which is a huge compliment. Both dudes know how to run a show and facilitate conversation.

            Maveryke…I’m hit or miss with. Some weeks he’s the best part of the show because he’s just hilarious and inserts unexpected insight. And it’s awesome to have someone Cinesober on the show like him. But other weeks he’s barely present and it’s pretty noticeable, especially when it comes to mini reviews. I think he needs to step up a little bit and be more “in the show” but that might just be me. The show is plenty good when Jon and Will are doing their thing and I love that they rotate female hosts in so often (Kimber, Kristen, Kayleigh, or Mae coming on the show permanently would be absolutely amazing).

            /Filmcast has sort of the opposite problem. There’s sometimes wayyyy too much Jeff, who i basically like but can be a bit much. I’m not as excited about Kristy just yet, mainly because she REALLY gets political which I don’t normally have a problem, but she can really overdo it sometimes. I just listened to their Phantom Thread review and it was a nightmare take. /Filmcast is an institution though, and I think it’s awesome to have Cinemaholics as a comparable alternative with its own unique spin. Cinemaholics is more consistent and I agree with whoever said the film insight is a bit better and I actually think it’s better sound quality and episodes feel more diverse.

            Oh, and I discovered Brigsby Bear because of Cinemaholics, so 10 points for that alone!

      • /Filmcast is basically the same as always, except now with Kristy Puchko from Pajiba. She’s great.

  5. Cloverfield Paradox sounds fine, but I already know what they’ll grade. Will and Jon will give it something in C territory and Maverick will give it like a B

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