Cinemaholics Review: Paddington 2 and The Commuter

Paddington 2

Everyone’s favorite marmalade-loving bear is back for seconds in Paddington 2, the sequel to the film that utterly charmed me back in 2015. On the show this week, I review the film with cohosts Maveryke Hines (who never saw the original) and Will Ashton. The movie has an incredible 100% review aggregate on Rotten Tomatoes, but that doesn’t mean everyone on Cinemaholics agrees.

In our Mini Reviews segment, we covered a lot of other movies and shows you might want to check out. Will reviewed The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson. Maveryke and I talked about the The End of the F****** World, a binge-worthy new show on Netflix. Will recommended Blame, an indie gem directed by Quinn Shephard. Then we both dug into The PostMolly’s Game, and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

We also talked at length about the Golden Globes this week, but less about the actual awards and more about the impact of the MeToo and TimesUp movement, plus our plan to take part in the 52 Films By Women Challenge.


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17 thoughts on “Cinemaholics Review: Paddington 2 and The Commuter

  1. Who doesn’t love PADDINGTON?! DAD?!

  2. The Jon rants were on point this week. Can’t wait for you guys to finally review Phantom Thread!

  3. I really appreciated the Golden Globes discussion in this episode. It was a neat surprise to hear you guys digging into how important female voices are to movies. I’m also doing the 52 Films By Women “Challenge” and have watched The Hurt Locker and Virgin Suicides so far. Definitely checking out Finding Her Voice!

    • Agreed! I checked out Blame and loved it. Great recommend from William Tyler.

    • I really love The Virgin Suicides, and I’m so glad that the Criterion Collection picked it up today. If you’re looking for a solid double feature, Blame works really well as a companion piece.

      Speaking of Blame, I’m glad you liked it so much, It’s Brigsby. Spread the word!

  4. I got (sorta) name-dropped in this episode for asking about The Post! So does this mean Phantom Thread episode is coming? Paging Bill Action.

    • I managed to catch a screening of Phantom Thread at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, and I saw Jon tweet about seeing the movie at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco, so fingers crossed. I can’t imagine what Father Maverickay will say about the movie.

      • Father Maverickay is my favorite thing I’ve ever been called in my life.

        • lol is this really Maverick. Why is his name spelled wrong then.

    • Let’s just say that I made a firm plead with Jon to have it be our next episode. Fingers crossed.

  5. Hello Cinemaholics, great review of Paddington 2. Have you ever thought about doing a game or something? Like the Now Conspiring game show?

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