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I’m still working on putting the mental pieces of my brain back together after sitting through The Mummy, and strangely enough, I’m almost as equally confused about It Comes At Night, A24’s would-be horror classic beloved by critics and ravaged by just about everyone else. Luckily, I had plenty of help on the show this week to navigate these new films and then some.

We finally managed to lasso in Andy Herndon from The D-Cast for the “Mummy” segment of this week’s episode. True, we brought him in for something completely removed from Disney (which he of course pointed out with sharp irony), but as expected, we had a great conversation and will have him back again soon.

My co-host Will Ashton had a chance to review My Cousin Rachel later in the show, and I spoke briefly on the new season of Orphan Black and the new Hulu documentary Batman & Bill. And for all of your Orange is the New Black fans, Maveryke Hines had you covered.

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