Bridget and Maria Talk About LIFE – Now Conspiring


AKA The One Where Bridget and Maria Become Best Friends and Talk About LIFEThe boys took a week off from the podcast, which left Bridget and Maria to bond extensively over their love and hate for the new sci-fi movie Life – directed by Daniel Espinosa. Bridget brings up some Would You Rather questions and geeks out hard over Calvin the Alien, and Maria masterfully manipulated Bridget into liking her more than Sam.

Question of the Week: Answer the Would You Rather questions and give us new ones for next week!


00:00 –   Introductions

02:34 –  Games [Would You Rather]

10:11 –   Movie Review [LIFE] SPOILER ALERT

38:01 –   Commenting on your Comments

43:30 –  Movie Releases [Boss Baby, The Zookeeper’s Wife, Ghost in the Shell]

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia and Bridget Serdock



Great Days by Joakim Karud

3 thoughts on “Bridget and Maria Talk About LIFE – Now Conspiring

  1. Well, actually Bridget was wrong, there is gravity in space or else there would be no solar system or orbits. The reason it feels like there’s no gravity on a space station is because in order to stay in orbit, it has to go exactly the speed that counter Earth’s gravity from that distance, same way how we don’t feel the gravity from the Sun, the Earth moves us fast enough that counters it exactly.

    And I think the new name of the podcast should be How Do You Evolve A Podcast Like Maria.

  2. hi now conspiring oh wait you’re not now conspiring you’re part time characters yes that is my honest opinion and btw me and Sams part of his shirt that’s tucked into his jeans are different people and land of stories is not a movie (yet) and to answer the question of the week would you rather movie adition would you rather live in cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 or lord of the rings

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