Breaking Down The First Teaser For Pixar’s ‘Coco’ – The Pixar Detectives

Pixar’s Coco doesn’t come out until November, but the Pixar Detectives are ready to dive right in to the first teaser. We even talk a lot about how it might fit into the Pixar Theory, as well as how the movie differs quite a bit from The Book of Life and Kubo and the Two Strings.

On that note, this week’s giveaway is a copy of The Pixar Theory book, written by Jon Negroni and illustrated by Kayla Savage. We already have a winner,  so be sure to tune in live with us on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific) so you can win next time. Follow the link below or just click the video above. We give away Pixar-related goodies like shirts, books, blu-rays, and tons more. And we’re always open to new suggestions for prizes you all might be interested in!

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Down The First Teaser For Pixar’s ‘Coco’ – The Pixar Detectives

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