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Since Hollywood isn’t planning on slowing down with the remakes and Kong: Skull Island is now in theaters, the gang talks about the movies they think merit a remake. We also discuss what should be considered when remaking a franchise or a standalone movie, from respecting the original story to the style the director chooses to portray it. If you stick around long enough, you will hear Maria and Sam basically screaming out all the things wrong about Kong: Skull Island. Don’t worry. No one was harmed during the rant.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite movie remake? What movie do you think deserves a remake and why?

Additional Question: What is your favorite pick for our new podcast name?

Here are the choices! Part Time Character, The Projectionists, The Voice Over, The Talkies


00:00 – Introductions

06:30 – Breaking the Ice [Movies we think deserve a remake]

23:11 – Main Segment [What makes a good remake?]

48:19 – Movie Review [Kong: Skull Island]

1:01:42 – Commenting on your Comments [feat. Michael Caine, nostalgic Batman and Morgan Freeman]

1:18:51 – Movie Releases [Beauty and the Beast, T2: Trainspotting, The Belko Experiment, 13 Minutes]

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This Week’s Cast: Maria GarciaAdonis GonzalezBridget Serdock and Sam Noland


Great Days by Joakim Karud

Side Notes Maria is a dope and for some reason messed up the first time this podcast was recorded. What you are hearing now is the second attempt with some clips of the original one copied into it.

3 thoughts on “How to Make a Great Movie Remake – Now Conspiring

  1. The Amazing World Of Spider-Man. I know everyone says that the first trilogy was loads better, but I just always preferred Andrew Garfield over Toby Maguire. And Gwen Stacey is way better then the movie version of Mary Jane.

  2. I agree with Mango on this one. I thought The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy was way better than the first trilogy. I liked how it added the story of Richard Parker and his workings at Oscorp. I’m not really sure whice movie I would want to be remade. As for your new podcast name, out of your possible names, I would have to go with The Voiceover. But I just want it to be known that I think Now Conspiring is still a great name even though you guys don’t conspire that much.

  3. Hi I’ve bean listing for a while and think it’s a great podcast it is the second podcast I’ve ever listened to and my favourite one and to answer the question of the week one of my favourite book series the land of stories and could make excellent remake

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