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This week on Cinemaholics, Will Ashton and I debated the good (and bad) in Logan. Is it really a masterpiece? We want your help to figure that out. Plus, we reviewed The ShackTable 19, and Trial & Error toward the end of the show.

Question of the Week: Same one we answered! Do you think Logan is as good as all the hype suggests?

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00:02:24 – Jon and Will talk about Logan: Is it really a masterpiece? Spoilers start at 00:18:30

00:45:55 – The Shack review

01:02:31 – Mini Reviews: Trial & ErrorTable 19


3 thoughts on “Is Logan Really All That Good? – Cinemaholics

  1. Logan was pretty good, but anyone who says that it nears the monumental quality of The Dark Knight and/or considers it for major (i.e. above-the-line) contention at the 90th Academy Awards is in over their heads. It doesn’t do anything astonishingly special with its evasion road-trip plotline, nor does it keep its perception of being a “No Country for Old Logan” always at the forefront. The forgettable villains (or anyone outside of Logan and Charles, come to think of it) don’t care all that much about the internal struggles of the two old men that much—just the staple X-men dynamic of government or corporate-sponsored forces hunting down and rounding up mutants until they’re fully controlled and the remaining mutants evading capture.

    Trust me, no one will be praising the film as highly as they are right now come next awards season.

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