Disney’s LGBT Characters, Logan, and Oscar Fails – Now Conspiring

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With Bridget off duty this week, the lovely Jenny Pan joins us all the way from Canada to talk about the Oscars Fail, Logan and a quick round of Would you Rather? We also discuss Disney’s announcement of Lefou’s sexual orientation in the Beauty and the Beast remake. If that weren’t enough, Sam comments on your comments as some of his impersonations.

Question of the Week: Does it matter at all if the Academy messed up? What do you think of the whole ‘first LGBT character’ in a Disney movie?

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This Week’s Cast: Maria Garcia, Adonis Gonzalez, Jenny Pan and Sam Noland


   00:00 –  Introductions

   02:30 –  Games [Would You Rather]

   24:31 –  Recap- Oscar Fails

   36:41 –  News- Beauty and the Beast’s LGBT Character

   47-14 – Movie Review [Logan]

1:03:01 – Commenting on your Comments [ feat. Jon Lovitz, Batman and Johnny Carson]

1:08:49 –  Movie Releases [Kong: Skull Island, The Personal Shopper, Raw]

Sidenotes- At some point, Sam and Adonis’s voices cut out a bit and it is hard to understand them. Sorry about that. I like to think their true robot forms emerged for a few seconds.

7 thoughts on “Disney’s LGBT Characters, Logan, and Oscar Fails – Now Conspiring

  1. I think that Disney introducing an LGBT character is a big step in an interesting direction. I’m not opposed to a gay character in a Disney movie—I’m actually impressed that they’re branching out to such a controversial subject—but I’m a little worried about how they’ll handle it.This IS Disney, after all—they’re notorious for their kid-friendly films, and they’ve botched similar things under these sort of circumstances before. I’m going to see Beauty And The Beast this coming week, so I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see, but I really hope that they know what they’re doing. This is a really promising movie, and if something as big as LGBT issues is done wrong, then the whole film could be spoiled.

    • From what I’ve heard, it’s not as big a deal in the movie as the director has let on. I have a feeling most of this will blow over and audiences at large will enjoy the movie anyway.

      • It will probably be like the lesbian couple in Finding Dory. It was almost impossible to spot if Disney hadn’t mentioned it. But this Lefou thing might be more than that, just a little more.

  2. I think that night of the Oscars will be a tired old joke soon (it already feels that way again), but overall it lost little credibility, as the accountants responsible for the envelope mix-up were already fired for giving out the envelopes. As for LGBT characters in Disney, I think it’s great so long as they’re well-fleshed out and not stereotypes (meaning it’s not good enough just to do it for tokenism).

  3. Hey guy guess who’s still alive!!!! It has been so long since I’ve been able to listen to a podcast and I missed it!!! For the questions of the week I still haven’t watched the oscars yet so I don’t really wanna say anything on that but when it comes to Disney and Lefou I agree with Sam. I think it’s great that they have an LGBT character but I don’t think they needed to say anything about it they should have just let it happen. I have really missed listening to you guys and I’m defiantly going to start commenting regularly again.

    P.S. Adonis we all love, but maybe you should leave the harder voices to Sam. A for effort though!!! 🙂

  4. As a Christian, I am completely against the lifestyle of homosexuality; people should be honoring God’s original plan for marriage. This is not to say that anyone who feels same-sex desires are worse than others in the world, but they still need help to understand the truth stated by the Lord.

    As for this issue of Disney introducing their first LGBT character, I hate that they’re making a big deal out of it, but as long as the film as a whole is not propaganda for the lifestyle, I’m okay with it. Like what RAK mentioned above, they just need to make sure that they’re not offensively stereotyping those people who feel those same-sex desires, because I agree that they are regular people. Maybe I don’t like what they’re doing, but they still deserve the same treatment as everyone else.

  5. I think that Disney shouldn’t have made such a big deal about everything. I also think that it’s not really that large of a step to just change a character (even if it was implied with the original.) I think it would be better if they made a new character in a new movie who is LGBTQ+, then they could really make it a good and healthy character to represent the community.

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