Which is Better? ‘Monsters Inc.’ VS ‘Shrek’


On the latest Pixar Detectives, Kayla Savage and I tried to somehow choose between Monsters Inc. and Shrek in the most unbiased as possible way. To help, our live audience supplied some awesome arguments and counterarguments in this week’s edition of Which is Better?

Of course, we’re not content to rest on the laurels of the debate in this video. Let us know in the comments below which movie you think deserves the acclaim and why. We spent the entirety of the episode on this topic, so we unfortunately didn’t have any time to cover the latest going on in the world of Pixar. But tune in next week and we’ll do our best to catch up.

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8 thoughts on “Which is Better? ‘Monsters Inc.’ VS ‘Shrek’

  1. Wow, that’s a hard question. On the one hand, Monster’s Inc is an incredible movie with a sweet and emotional plot, and one of my favorite Pixar films to date. On the other hand, Shrek is the greatest fairy tale since whatever your favorite story is, and its edginess certainly wouldn’t be found in any Pixar film.
    I’d have to go with Shrek. It’s just a really great movie, and I could watch it forever.

  2. Can you do more posts where you write these thoughts instead of videos? Nothing against your videos, I just normally read your reviews usually in a public space so I can’t have noise playing. Also Monsters Inc. because it is one of the most clever films I have seen.

  3. I love both movies, but I prefer Monsters Inc. It’s my favorite animated film, it’s a classic, Boo is adorable & Mike & Sulley are one of the best fictional duos of all time.

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