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This week on Pixar Detectives, Kayla Savage and I put out some huge Pixar announcements and debated the BEST Pixar romance. We talked about Pixar in a Box, played a quiz game with the live audience (Which Pixar couple are you?) and gave away an awesome Pixar mashup shirt.

So…which Pixar romance really is the best? Among our suggestions, we talked about Marlin and Coral from Finding Nemo, Carl and Ellie from Up, WALL-E and Eve from WALL-E, Buzz and Jessie from Toy Story, and a bunch more. Let us know in the comments which romance you think is the overall best!

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3 thoughts on “Which Pixar Romance is the Best? – The Pixar Detectives

  1. Normally I’d say Carl and Ellie, but WALL-E and Eve are just so sweet!

  2. It’s either Wall•E and Eve or Carl and Ellie. They’re both amazing couples.

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