‘Lou’ Is The Next Pixar Short Film. Here’s Everything We Know – The Pixar Detectives

Every week, Kayla Savage and I do a live show that’s all about Pixar (and Disney). This week was a “Pixar News Roundup,” because we had a ton of announcements and stories to share about various Emeryville happenings.

Our main topic of conversation was Lou, the next short film by Pixar that will be attached to Cars 3. We shared a ton of good info on what the short is about, how it weirdly connects to Toy Story (sort of), and why we think it’s one of the more original projects Pixar has done in a while.

We also discussed the Annie Awards, the Pixar Art Collection, and more, finishing it all out with a Pixar Trivia Challenge…

Oh, and we gave away an awesome Pixar Valentine’s gift: an “Our Adventures” book based on Up! If you want to enter our weekly giveaways, be sure to tune in live every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific). Follow the link below or just click the video above. We give away Pixar-related goodies like shirts, books, blu-rays, and tons more. And we’re always open to new suggestions for prizes you all might be interested in!

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